I\'ve been using GM for about 5 years now annd would consider myself an intermediate user in some areas, advanced in others. I love maze games mainly and [i]good[/i], [i]original[/i] platformers (No I don\'t want to see a platform

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FireflyX posted on March 07, 2010 at 12:38 AM

.ws domains and GDI

So I've signed up for one of these recently as I was referred from a friend. The company who own the rights to the domains, known as GDI, say that they are the new .com Anyway I watched their introductory video which was the biggest pile of crap ever, showing sports cars, big houses and telling over and over again how it will all be mine. Anyway I signed up since they offer a free 7 day trial and I didn't see the harm in looking into it.

Now I've learned more about this GDI company, I realised that offering you a .ws domain was just a way to get you interested and now they will do everything they can to get you to take part in their network marketing (aka pyramid selling) even if that means sending me 3-4 emails per day and having some American woman call me to thank me for something I haven't even properly signed up for yet.

However this is legitimate but only works for people who can advertise it to a large number of people, which I would be able to do once I have sorted out paid advertising for my sites. Anyway legitimate or not I still don't think I want to have anything to do with GDI or their products due to their awful marketing strategies. Half the emails they send are claiming to be from my friend who referred me when actually they're not at all. But what really did it for me was the email that I got from my friends dad stating that he had supposedly been referred to GDI through his son. Well that was obviously a fake since they just made up a name for him and I know for a fact that he didn't refer his dad at all. Also a little thing I observed from the email was that it spelt my surname missing out a letter. How desperate is that to try and convince me that it's not an automated email?

So I will be cancelling my account before the 7 day trial is up which is a shame since this could have been a good opportunity if it wasn't for me worrying about all the people that might be sent emails from GDI pretending to be me.

Anyone else had experiences with GDI then?

FireflyX posted on February 22, 2010 at 9:47 PM

[FFX]Making money from teh interwebs!

Hey 64D,

So I've been spending all week researching into making money from websites. Now this is something that usually if people really work at then they can make a little bit of extra cash if their lucky. But I don't care about that, I'm looking to make serious money from this internet thing. Yes I know what you're thinking and no I don't believe in get rich quick schemes or that paid surveys crap. However through good ideas, good advertising, good web designing and good SEO skills a decent amount of money can be made. No not millions but making a living is off the internet is very much a reality.

I don't know if any of you have ever heard of Mochi Ads but I signed up recently. Basically it allows for game developers to make money from putting ads in their game but people also get money for putting peoples games on their site. So recently I've been setting up games on 2 of my sites using this system and I have to say it is the best CPM ads system I've come across. It isn't one of those where your site has to have a massive amount of traffic before they accept you. Only downside is it doesn't pay great so you do really need a lot of attention before you make decent money from it.

Also as you might know from my last blog I have been setting up the Bidvertiser ads on my site. Now that is making me about £4.20 per week so I'm not doing so badly on that one but I still could do with more clicks =P

Another interesting opportunity I came across was placing offers on your site that when completed by others would pay you. So why would anyone complete an offer that is going to get me money? Well you have to offer incentives such as a points system (like the one on so users get points, you get money and everyone's happy =D The best one of these seems to be Boulevard Media but you can only apply to them if you are a registered business.

Finally you could offer something like a premium account service where by paying lets say.. £2 a month users get access to whole range of extra features. Now this is what will make you the greatest amount of money per person but then again it's the most difficult to get people to participate in since they are using their own money.


So... yeh, that concludes my research. So my main purpose of all this is due to the fact that I am going to see somebody next week about setting up an internet based business and there are lots of organisations around here that can help me with business plans, funding and all the rest of it. I have also been speaking to a guy who is willing to let me advertise with a banner at the top of his site for £500 per month and his site gets 4 million hits a month so I should have no problem driving traffic towards my sites. So that is how I plan to make a living since well... I need money to live ;)

Btw if you guys have some better ideas than the ones I've talked about please feel free to comment them!

FireflyX posted on January 27, 2010 at 7:20 PM

FireflyX: Back after 2 years!!!!

Why hello there 64digits, long time no see.

For those who don't know I left this site exactly 2 years ago to this very date and stated that I would not be returning. So why have I come back now you ask? Because some of you guys are fucking great!! I don't have a particularly high opinion of this community as a whole but I could pick some members out who are pretty exceptional people:

Nathan: One of the best friends I made from this site. He always puts up my shit and all I can say is sorry I haven't finished your site yet.

Serprex: We don't get much oppertunity to speak these days but you are quite possibly one of the most hilarious people I have ever met... and you don't even
mean to be funny =P

RetroX: Another one of those people who I just don't seem to get the time to talk to these days but this guy was always there to lend a helping hand... not that I ever accept help from others.

George: Haha this guy never gave up on me or staticfire when everyone else started to think I was useless and lazy. Don't worry i'll finish SF someday and there will be a mod position for you if you want it ;)

Chris: Another one who didn't lose faith in me all this time I was doing very little. You should make a site again like CPSGames sometime.

There's loads of other awesome people here but those are just the ones I thought of off the top my head.

So then.. what exactly have I been doing all this time. Well I was in my second year of college last time I was on this site but about 3 months later I pretty much got kicked off the course (not that I care, it was bullshit anyway).

About the same time I took a job at KFC which got me a bit of money but I couldn't cope with the stress of working in that sort of busy environment and I kept getting into trouble for under cooking food and whatnot. Only reason I did that stupid job was because I thought I had met the girl of my dreams but that turned into a total disaster when I found out she didn't appreciate turning round to see me covered in blood because I had just cut her name across myself with a 4 inch blade: OUCH! I was putting cream on it though so the scar is just about gone now. So anyway I get fired from work and the next day the police come round and I just managed to get away with charges for harassment, threatening behaviour and carrying a weapon in the workplace since I've never been in trouble before.

So no more job, no more college, going nowhere in life... next thing I'm in hospital for overdosing on painkillers which for some reason my parents are surprised about even though it should be pretty obvious that somebody in my situation would rather not live any more.

I then decided to stop trying to kill myself and maybe make things better. I started by writing a letter of my feelings to the girl who I lost my job because of and sending it to her house along with a stupid box of chocolates and shitty flowers (yeh I know, I'm not usually this pathetic) but as soon as it arrives I get a phone call from her family and apparently I'm a stalker and the police will be informed. So I start thinking oh well I guess I'm definitely going to jail now. I would rather die so off I went to the nearest bridge and got ready to throw myself off but I just found it so difficult to let go of the railing so eventually the police managed to get me down ad they told me they were taking me home but as I got out of the police van something didn't feel right... like the fact that I could have sworn I don't live in a secure mental hospital.

So after the months spent in misery with nothing to do but sleep and look forward to the food window being opened I finally had my freedom back and I was feeling a lot better. Only problem now was the fact that my parents didn't want me back in the house so I got put in some crappy hostel where I barely had enough money to feed myself. I spent 3 months in there until they threw me out because they claim I'm rude to the staff who run it.

Now my parents have taken me back in and things seem to be slowly getting back to normal. I have resumed my website work and maybe staticfire will be along sometime but I think I got a dam good reason for not working on it.

Well thanks for reading my first blog in 2 years, I've sure missed 64digits despite all the things it has wrong with it :)

P.S who took a dump under my badges? XD