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I\'m a twin whose 18 years old.I live in the Bahamas.I make animations games comics.My bro can do everything I can do you check our DA account www.twinkid.com .And I do alot of other stuff I\'m to lazy to write about.

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Darkman posted on October 19, 2008 at 9:11 PM

New Game of mine-Kk's Quest.

Well hi guys haven't posted anything here at all so here's something.I've been working on a game ah mine called Kks Quest(Kikashi's Plain-Kitty Karate).Based on my webcomic on www.kikashisplain.smackjeeves.com Its a work in progress at the moment.I'll keep yah all updated as it progresses.Here's some sprites from it to keep yah all interested.

Miaco running with her transformation.

Kk team standing down animations & 2 Npcs Jo & Marcky from OhFeelSoShy & Maccolado.

Kk crouching for before he picks up something,dodges projectiles & before he does his slide kick.

Kk with free time using his GameBoy Advance.

Kikashi the hero with sword walking.

IceMonster attacking in a downwards direction.

Grey & Kk with cat hat on walking.

Kk team in Isometrical DownRight stance animation.

Grey and transformed state.I would'nt mind if you peeps recolour this for me & send it back to me.Wanna try out different color schemes.

Kk rotating.

Kk & team rotating.

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