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Posted by Darthvender on April 27, 2012, 7:28 p.m.

Well now, 64Digits, it appears a couple of occasions have rolled around, causing me to finally post another blog.

A History

Tomorrow I'm an old bean I guess? Not that I was around much for the first 1/3 of that. It's been a long time lurking (mostly) in the background and snickering at you all. I doubt any of you remember, but when I first came here I posted several blogs about a silly game called Castle, which was essentially a fool's dream of an RPG. Who'd have thought that absolutely nothing would come of it? Me. Around the time I had to rebuild the engine for the 6th time.

After those posts I stayed away from 64Digits for quite a while, though I'm not entirely sure why. When I came back I deleted all my old posts and started with a Star Wars Day awareness post, followed by a post about why I did not enjoy my Star Wars Day.

Then followed a couple of updates on Chronicles of the Hchrubak, which never quite came to anything other than a nearly-70-page script.

On July 30th, 2010, I made my first post about my Imperial Star Destroyer model, which, for those of you not blatantly reminded of it every time I post, I am still working on. Dat greebling!

After that I posted rather sporadically with updates of the Bloodwrath, along with random updates of my life, school, and the such.

The more anal retentive of you may have noticed that I missed Star Wars Day last year… how could it be that such a Star Wars freak as myself would miss such a day?



Tomorrow is also the marking of exactly one year since I started watching My Little Pony. Looking through my history I noticed that on April 28, 2010, our friend Darthvender made a Google search for the first episode of the show, followed by a viewing of it on Youtube.

I did not watch another episode for about two weeks, just out of sheer agony and thinking of "Why in the hell am I liking this so much." I feared my parents would outright disown me and that my closest friend would simply stop being so.

So, after a couple weeks and maybe 8 more episodes I finally told my friend, and despite being slightly weirded out by my… hobby?… he finally gave in and watched an episode. It wasn't long before I'd finished the first season with him right on my tail.

I kept it a secret from my family for a while longer before I had an awkward conversation with my mother in our car, to which she mostly said she was disappointed. Yeah. So natch I took about another two weeks before I let my dad know, to which he responded surprisingly positive. Then followed the long wait for season 2 over the Summer, and the exponential growing of the Brony fandom, around the end of which I first told you all that I was a brony, to some negative feedback and a brohoof.

So, season 2 has come and gone, I wear my Twilight Sparkle shirt to school regularly, have converted some others to watching the show, bought some other merch, and have even made a speech in my Law class about why being a brony is just an awesome feeling, to a 41/40 mark from my teacher "For guts."

Now begins the wait for season 3.

But tomorrow, as it's been a year, I'm getting up at 6 and watching the entire second season over the course of 9 1/2 hours because hell yeah.

Star Destroyer

Ha ha I have done very little. Doing the greebling is insane, though I have advanced somewhat. It's just a chore to do it now, which is usually why I stop working on projects forever, but I have no doubt that if I keep adding to it slowly as I have been, it'll get done.

But for now you get NO pictures, after exactly 5 months.

Ha ha, I won't be on Teamspeak for the drunk thing tomorrow to laugh at you all, because I'll be too high on Pony, chips and root beer.

Stay the same 64.

Until next time,



Alert Games 10 years ago

Dude, you are as Kenon is to PLatformed as you are to that Star Destroyer.

F1ak3r 10 years ago

April 28, 2010
Heh, you beat me by nearly a month (~May 15).

Mega 10 years ago

You both beat me by nearly a whole year…