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Darthvender posted on January 13, 2016 at 9:18 AM

Where Is My Shirt, It's Been Literally Years

So it's been a couple... years... since my last post. A lot has changed. Except that I still don't have my 64Digits shirt, but I don't think that will ever change. I'm not even mad I'm just so confused.
Last I heard, it was in Firestorm's closet and he was asking me for my shipping details. Maybe he wore it on accident and it got all stinky from his smelly armpits and he was too embarrassed to send it to me?

Let's see. I still haven't released any games, except for one thing that was so incredibly likely to get me into copyright trouble that I created an entire online persona out of thin air just to post it, including creating accounts on a bunch of different sites in case anybody tried to sleuth things.
Now, I'm fairly certain that if somebody wanted to sue that person, they would 100% be able to find me using internet magic, so I've probably just managed to remove myself from any success that game sees. (It's seen none, but maybe the next patch will bring people in, right? Right?)
On the plus side, I've learned a huge amount from that game, and it's inspired me to one day make my own original game in the same style.

I'm so sorry for posting my ugly mug two years ago, on so many levels.

Which reminds me, the Rift is coming soon. That took longer than I expected. Totally will not be able to afford that for a while, mostly because I bought the DK1 in the first place.

Long story short, I really haven't been checking here AT ALL since my last post, so what amazing cultural events have occurred on 64Digits since I left?
Is V[n+1] coming out soon?
Why was I declared a princess, should my feelings be hurt by this?
When does my shirt ship, Firestorm?
I'll release your family as soon as I get the shirt.


Darthvender posted on December 04, 2013 at 6:57 AM

Frosty Four Digits 2013, A Part 2 of

So I figured out the name.

Chill (fig 1)
(fig 1, a player existing)

Day 3 saw massive progress on the platforming engine. Whereas on day 1 I had been stuck on a problem with the player getting trapped in the wall, on day 3 I not only added the ability to move freely on free-form ground as opposed to 32x32 square blocks (fig 2), I also was able to rig up the beginnings of the engine that controls animation, which I've had little experience in. It's turned out well except for a few bugs when pushing things and when performing actions I had not foreseen, such as jumping while moving. Nope. Never saw that one coming.

(fig 2, a player on a free-form slope)

As for Day 2, it was well spent on pizza and waiting for guests to get up our treacherous mountain pass, 2 of which got stuck and had to be towed. Makes me wish Canada had taken California sometime so I could be warm for these 6 months of the year.

I also took some time to implement a feature I hadn't planned on, which was dynamic water. Not really so dynamic as to be flowing around, but more dynamic than just some sprite-ass-sprite sitting there. No, this is more of a series of nodes that cycle up and down based on some entropy and a sine wave. Nodes react to the player and slightly propagate to their neighbors, though I seem to have implemented them in such a way that if the values aren't exactly right, they'll feed back on each other and eventually crash the game. Since I wasn't planning on implementing them in the first place, I've set the values so they won't feed back and just written them off as "Good enough" for now. If I have time to do so when the rest of the game is done, I'll go back and look into it.

For now, however, I'm going to be working on fixing the animation engine. The glitching when the player pushes something is unsightly (fig 3). I might end up just dedicating an animation to it rather than taking too long on it.

(fig 3, look at me I can an edit)

As it stands I'm very happy with the sprites I've made (fig 4), but the ground sprites are for development only and will be unrendered and covered by one continuous foreground sprite per level. This will look better in the long run and will also force me to make the level more interesting gameplay-wise than graphically so. Or at least, that's the plan. After the animation and platforming engines are done, I'll be moving on to the combat engine, which I expect to prove a daunting task as I've never attempted anything close to a brawler before.

(fig 4, look out below)

PS: Did you know that, in Game Maker 8.0 at least, setting the sprite_index to a sprite that has fewer frames than the current sprite resets image_index? CAUSE I DIDN'T FOR ABOUT A DAY THERE.

PPS: No I probably won't do these every day. But it helps keep me interested.

Darthvender posted on December 03, 2013 at 3:52 AM

Frosty Four Digits 2013, A Development of, Part 1

It's been more than a year. Where to begin?
Oh, yes.

FirestormX I still haven't gotten my 64Digits shirt, now my entire family is DEAD.

Now, onto the development.

When this was announced I jumped on it, despite passing these over again and again. I'm not sure why I did, I just did. When the subtheme of "Lost" was announced I was relieved that my original idea would fit into this category without any trimming at all.

I've spent a lot more time outlining this than I have before, which is to say I didn't just go "HU-BUP I'LL FIGURE IT OUT AS I GO ALONG". I always trust my brain to figure it all out for me, which obviously hasn't worked out since I entered a game jam a year and a half ago. And god knows how long before that. But this time I made an entire design document.

So what I'm working on is a punch-'em-up platformer. Or whatever. It's a mix of puzzles and combat, going for the more arcade-y type of combat that's fast paced and such. You know the ones, punch punch, x6 combo games.

As for plot, do we give away the basic plot concept on here? Cause I'm gonna give away the basic plot concept. The player is going home for the holidays to see his younger brother, with a present for him. He is estranged from his parents, but hopes that they'll at least let him give the gift to his brother. SUDDENLY CAR ACCIDENT VROOM SCREECH DRAMA CRASH. He slides off the road hitting a telephone pole and leaving the car destroyed. He then has to find his way home again to deliver the present. Along the way he'll be battling the elements, rabid wolves, carolers, and a giant snowplow. Coming to theaters this Holiday Season. Buy the DLC available Sursday, yo.

It's not a complicated plot. I just can't write stories anymore, which sucks 'cause I used to write 30 page stories in elementary school when all I had to write was 5. That's what happens when you don't practice I guess.

I'm excited about this. It's nice to have an actual deadline on a project since I'm so bad at making and enforcing them for myself.

I wish I could change my name but at the same time it's the only reason people remember me on here (Remember? The Star Destroyer? Guys?)