Durr 18 and stuff

Posted by Darthvender on Aug. 12, 2012, 12:51 a.m.

Well, I have a new avatar, which is cool I guess.

Oh yeah and I turned 18 on the 1st. Naturally I did some amazing things, like… Uh… I played Slender at a friends house?

Yeah no I didn't do much for my birthday since I'm starting to get tired of the whole "Go out and do something" routine that normally gets forced on me for my birthdays, since I normally just want to stay home and do nothing, and this year I got my wish!

Now comes the part of the blog where I tell you all the things I received, thusly giving me a sense of power over any of you that wish they have what I now do!

-Firstly, my parents got me a pre-paid $75 credit card, with which I bought:

—-Borderlands - GOTY (Because I have been thinking about getting it since it came out)

—-Fallout 3 - GOTY (Because a friend recommended it. It is amazing)

—-Terraria (Because I was feeling lonely when you all went off to play without me)

—-Bastion (Because another friend recommended it. Still undecided, to be honest)

-And, as usual, I got 4 bucks worth of lotto tickets from my sister. Last year I stretched this out over 6 months, but I only won $2 on this batch so prospects look grim for this year.

-My other sister took me to her place and ordered me a pizza, then we watched movies all night. She was then kind enough to buy me Just Cause 2, which I haven't really had enough time to play to form an opinion on.

I kind of wish the Steam Sale had occurred during my birthday instead, because I mean damn, but I'm still really happy with my new plethora of games.

Then I went over to a friend's house and played Slender (As mentioned above), followed by some 2-in-the-morning-Olympics.

Also, I guess my Star Destroyer is still lording over me, since I seemingly can't upload it to anywhere due to size restrictions, which I've come to accept, to be honest. But the cool thing here starts as such:

My dad is an electrician. A few months ago he was working at a Drive-In theater, replacing some of their wiring, and he mentioned to the person who ran the place that I'd made my Star Destroyer model, to which they showed some interest. The big surprise here is they offered to show an animation of it during breaks between their double features.

I've only done a bit of Sketchup animation (Which isn't even the correct name for it), and I've only rendered one of these once before.

I was very excited when I heard about the person's offer, and over the space of three days put out a short rendered animation of it doing a flyby, but I was very disappointed at how it looked, so I decided to rig it up with lighting, putting out some renders of the lighting as I rigged it, when I eventually hit up an apparent memory barrier in Kerkythea, which basically told me I don't have enough memory to fully render the model.

Basically I only got it 1/3 rigged by that point.

So now I'm out of ideas (Please help?).

Oh well. I'm out of ideas for this blog as well.




LAR Games 9 years, 9 months ago

Sounds like you had an amazing 18th birthday. On mine, it was pretty much a normal day except for the cake my sister got which we ate pretty casually.

Kunedon 9 years, 9 months ago

Terraria (Because I was feeling lonely when you all went off to play without me)
A little late there. We've gone into hardmode and since then the place has been a ghost town.

And your birthday seems like it was way more eventful than mine was.

Castypher 9 years, 9 months ago

I think it's about time to start up a new event in Terraria. I'll make a blog later. You should join us.

Kunedon 9 years, 9 months ago

Just a heads up, the spawn's sorta kinda broken and I don't think new people would like to start in the world falling down to their death…

Castypher 9 years, 9 months ago


Have we beaten Skeletron Prime yet?

Kunedon 9 years, 9 months ago


Have we beaten Skeleton Prime yet?
I don't think so…

JuurianChi 9 years, 9 months ago

Happy Birthday.

Sounds nice.

I never do anything for my birthday.


I can't even remember what happened on my birthday this year…

Kamira 9 years, 9 months ago

Have we beaten Skeleton Prime yet?

Yes, I fought him with SMP, he was easy. I know he's solo'd him before.

Speaking of Terraria, if I have the time I'd be up for some boss fights, since I still need souls.