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David Lindberg posted on July 22, 2007 at 5:59 PM

4 stupid facts from the GH-manual

I found some stupid facts in the Guitar Hero 2 safety manual, and I thought that you guys/girls could have a little fun reading them.

1) The Guitar Hero SG Controller must be used with care to avoid injury. RedOctane will not be liable from injuries resulting from improper use of the Guitar Hero SG Controller

2) The cord for the Guitar Hero SG Controller should be neatly stowed to avoid tripping anyone.

3) Excessive use of the Whammy Bar can cause it to break.

4) Never stand on the Guitar Hero SG Controller

David Lindberg posted on June 19, 2007 at 7:41 PM

SixFlags OWNED!

I was surfing around the net yesterday, and I found this pretty funny video about a old, dancing man. He ends up driving down a car with his bus, and get´s owned by the police. If you´re interested in wathcing it, you can go ahead, and click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZHi9FfmrIw

David Lindberg posted on May 29, 2007 at 2:34 PM

GM6 is no more...

Oh my GOD! GM6 cannot be downloaded from gamemaker.nl anymore, because it now links to yoyogames.com... And yoyogames doesn´t have the links to GM4-5, or GM6. That means they have totally scrapped the idea of the old versions, and now they force all new users, to use GM7! That´s nasty, mean, and VERY egoistic! Fortuneately, i still have the installer on my computer. So if anyone runs into trouble, and have to download GM6 again, because they don´t like GM7, can just go visit this blog and click the link (that leads to box.net). Well... here´s the link then:
GM6 installer I´m not completely sure if this is legal, so please inform me if it´s not allowed (I´ll remove the link instantly then)


Guess what? My local car dealer doesn't have 1986 models! That means they have totally scrapped the idea of old models, and now they force all new drivers, to use a 2007 model! That's nasty, mean, and VERY egostic. Because god forbid people use a superior version of something.

On a serious note, click here.
Since JakeX actually digged up a good link, i would like to say, that it´s probably better to just use that one instead... Oh, well.... So it wasn´t scrapped at all... Well, at least we got that clear!