Induction Coil in a Coffee Mug

Posted by DesertFox on June 19, 2013, 10:20 a.m.

So, sipping my overtly sugary Starbucks-in-a-bottle (which is thoroughly delicious), an idea struck me. Once I had retrieved an ice pack and applied it to the bruised area, I picked up the idea and gave it a look. It was a bit oddly shaped, with some funny bits sticking out, which accounted for the force by which it impacted my thought processes. Its unusual shape meant that it was for solving a problem that could be done via less-involved methods, but it had such an interesting form, one that was, at least in my opinion, cool enough to warrant a second look.

Coffee is delicious when hot. Coffee is terrible when cold. No one likes to get up to stick their mug in the microwave, because this necessitates moving around and also yields superheated ceramic far too often (and even once is too much). Finally, a thermos just isn't a coffee mug, it does not bring the same visceral feel as sipping, having the smell gently waft upwards as you consume your caffeinated beverage.

So how to solve this terribly difficult problem? I present to thee, the Induction Coil Coffee Mug.

Step 1) Embed an induction coil into the coffee mug. This is not difficult - a coffee mug is already cylindrical with thick walls - perfect for suck a thing.]

Step 2) Stir with a metal spoon. When a metal object is inserted into the mug, this alters the electromagnetic field, which is then detected by the mug. This turns on the induction coil, which heats the spoon, and stays active as long as the spoon or spoon-like object is in motion. Therefore, the longer you stir it, the hotter your coffee gets, allowing you to reach the perfect temperature!

Step 3) ???

Step 4) Profit!


Also, here's an induction coil levitating and melting aluminum:


firestormx 11 years ago

I don't want to plug my mug into an outlet! :(

Also, I stir my hot chocolate to cool it down. THIS WILL CAUSE ALL SORTS OF HAVOC IN MY LIFE.

DesertFox 11 years ago


JuurianChi 11 years ago

10/10, will buy and never use.

But the stirring to activate feature does seem a bit otherworldly.

firestormx 11 years ago

Not my department's problem!

DesertFox 11 years ago

Ahem. Marketing has decided that there shall be a little button in the handle. Press to turn on the sensor, press again to turn off. There shall also be an accompanying coaster that contains an induction charger, which upon having the mug emplaced upon it shall charge a battery hidden in the coffee mug's base.

@Juurian - although the stirring-sensor would probably be the most expensive physical component, such things are not terribly difficult. Or we could just make the handle-button a press-and-hold-to-activate deal. THAT IS FOR MARKETING TO DECIDE.

JuurianChi 11 years ago

Okay, so there's a battery inside of the cup.

MY multi layered Cups tend to take on water after a month or two.

Does marketing have a solution for that?


Hot Glue

DesertFox 11 years ago


Glazed ceramic is waterproof. The battery is embedded in the ceramic, and would probably have a rubber-lined door for easy replacement. Waterproofing battery compartments is old hat.

JuurianChi 11 years ago



Astryl 11 years ago


Will buy if it can levitate my coffee to me. (Without melting it).

firestormx 11 years ago

It's also important to make sure it doesn't get too hot. You can't put an empty coffee pot back on a heater, or it might shatter.