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Posted by FireflyX on Jan. 19, 2008, 7:04 p.m.

…… is what my blog title would most likely be if i were new here :p But i'm not so shut up. Anyway hello 64digits it has been a while since i wrote a blog for you to read but i was deciding whether i should continue blogging or not here because i have been very upset by the lack of comments on my blogs recently. Yes i was considering throwing myself out in front of a train yesterday because of the lack of comments my 64d blogs were recieving. So if you want to save my life then just post a comment on this blog. If this blog reaches 40 comments by the next time i blog then i will be happy again but if it doesn't i will die.


Ok yes i tend to blog complete crap when i can't think of anything but meh nothing interesting ever happens to me :( Except my grandparents visited today and decided to have a go on the wii. Now these are 2 people who have just learned how to change channels on the TV and they're playing on a wii now so as you can imagine it was quite funny. What was rather funny was the fact that my grandmother asked about 3 times what the console was called, we even spelled it out for her and then my brother comes in the room and asks if we're nearly done on the wii and my grandmother says "what's a wii?" so we tried to explain how it was the console she'd spent the last hour playing on and that she had already been told 3 times what it was. She has alzheimers which is quite sad but can be very funny sometimes like when she bought a house and forgot where it was. Anyway my grandparents like playing on the wii and they said they are going to get one. I very rarely get a chance to play on it because my brother spends quite a lot of the day on it and my dad has a resident evil 4 obsession >_> but it is an excellent console, better than xbox 360 and ps3 by far.


hmm… haven't worked on it for over a week now even though i really should since i said i was releasing it by christmas which is over a month ago now but everyone who knows me will tell you i never get anything done. I keep saying to myself "i'll do it later" then just don't get round to it. It's not just my site but also the fact that i haven't finished a game since september 2006. I only ever get programs done at college because i fail the course if i don't but seriously i need some motivation to finish my projects that i do in my free time as well as the ones at college. I'll most likely get the website done that we have to make at college before i get staticfire finished just because of the strict deadline.

RTS (name needed?)

Yeh i still can't think of a name and the only suggestions i've had were stupid like "conquer and command" or "FFX RTS" so rts names anyone? Also i recieved 2 sets of voices for the units done by Ferret Co and Abacus. I'll let people judge those once i get TGs voices which he has been saying he'll do for ages but i can't complain since i've been saying i'll sprite lasors for blue213 for months and it has been yet another thing i haven't got round to doing. Anyway i am determined to finish this rts since it progressing so well but untill i do so my site will have to be second priority i'm afraid :(

Anyhow thanks for reading.

Oh and 40 comments or i dies :'(


PY 13 years, 7 months ago

Saved you x6

FireflyX 13 years, 7 months ago

@FN: But the comment you posted was the comment that saved me so… WTF!!