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GameMakinRyan posted on May 24, 2007 at 9:46 PM

Serious Updates to an old friend!

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Hello 64D, it's been a while since my last (god damn it I hate this word) "Blog" entry, but I would like to let everyone know that Dungeon Lord has been remade and a new demo is up with almost the entire tutorial working and 1 playable level.
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I have added some new tilesets, the whole group includes Dungeon, Forest, Desert, Snow, Seafaring (on boats!), and Volcanic, I am not 100% happy with my volcanic sprites so they will be redone and therefore not released just yet.
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Along with these updates, I have fixed SO many of the problems
that have perplexed me in the past, including the grid based isometric movement, perfected pushblocks, and a working spell and inventory system. Well guess what? They work now!

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Not only that, but I have most of the music picked out for the entire game! All I need is sound effects. The rest of the work that I need to do (in short of course) is:
//Required actions.
-Sprite enemies (3 enemies per tileset)
-Sprite some more spells (about 6 max)
-Sprite Bosses (1 per tileset and 1 final)
-Sprite some deathtraps for the levels
-Make objects for the aforementioned
-Make the rooms (Probably 10 levels per tileset)
-Sprite a title graphic
-Make the credits

//Thanks to all who play and enjoy the demo, offering any ideas or furthering the project in any way!

I urge you to please take a look at the new demo and rate accordingly.

Dungeon Lord
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GameMakinRyan posted on January 22, 2007 at 11:16 PM

Subject 9 Updates!

Ah Yes, I have yet another installment of updates for Subject 9. Although collectively it isn't TOO big of an overall update, it's more like a collection of a BUNCH of little ones.

I have added Ammunition Pickups, for each type of ammo.
Standard Bullet
and Rockets. Heres the link so you can check out the new demo!
Please Rate :D

Speaking of which I fixed the ammo system, because before there was a way to cheat it and switch weapons before the clip was emptied to save the ammo, but I have eliminated this problem and it finally counts ammo per bullet, not per clip.

Radar has been added as well, it maps out EVERY possible object on the map. Barrels, Enemies, Crates, Trees, Explosions, Grenades, Bullets, Even Blood!

The alpha for the trees has been fixed. Because of the script I was using for the shadows, the drawing function interrupted that of the alpha setting for the trees. To solve this I merely made another script exactly like the first except making the tree semi transparent. This is of course for when the character is underneath a tree so you can see where you are.

New Particle Effects!
Particle effects are really fun, considering I JUST learned how to use them effectively (pathetic, I know...). Because of this newfound knowledge I decided to use it to it's fullest extent. There is an enemy on a turret, when you shoot him, not only does he bleed, but there are also pieces of metal that go flying in the air, along with sparks! Looks very cool, and I think will help keep the action flowing visually.

Some new screenshots have been added to the games page here:
So check them out as well as the demo.

I am feeling REALLY good about this project, because although before I thought I had some tough barriers, I got over them and progress is going well, so I hope to have at least a few missions to play in a couple weeks.

I expect great things to come from this and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Thank you 64D community, for your support and constructive criticism.

GameMakinRyan posted on January 16, 2007 at 9:18 PM

Subject 9 Updates!

Subject 9 Has Been EXTREMELY Updated, at least compared to the last one. I have remade the grenade effects with particles, which for some reason I had difficulty using (since it was the first time I actually considered using them.) I also added some enemies with some PRIMITIVE AI to start with.

<img src="">;
HE Grenade

<img src="">;
Smoke Grenade

<img src="">;
Flashbang Grenade

<img src="">;
Ouch, Rocket + Body = Bad

<img src="">;
Yay for Blood!

So Far I Think the effects are coming along well, and hopefully I'll have some nicely working AI so you can at least have SOME challenge, or at least something to fight.

I haven't added too too much overall, although I added the music to the recent version (speaking of which you can use the keypad numbers 1 through 8 to choose the track.)
As of right now my main goal is to get the HUD, Weapons, and all of that jazz perfected. Once that is done, I'm going to work on terrain (in fact I've begun some work on it already, but its not enough, or worthy of being shown just yet. Keep your eyes peeled, I'm back in uber-game maker mode, so expect updates weekly.