Posted by JID on April 30, 2013, 5:58 a.m.

I've temporarily gotten windows back and a new, more up to date, capable PC. And just a few things I want to share.

been currently working on a new game, and thought,

'What do I consider my strengths in game-dev and What could i improve on, with this new game?'

So, what are my strengths in game design? The answer is, nothing some stuff.

Based off my last few finished games(Fort Exile, Fighter Valentine) I would grade myself as follows:

(In Game Design)

Gameplay: C-

Sometimes I have a tendency to second-guess myself.. ESPECIALLY at the last minute. And it's always during comps, I panic and start thinking my game is being too lenient to the player.(I'm looking at Fort Exile and Fighter Valentine, but more so Fort Exile with the overly scarce amount of ammo.)

Programming: B-

I can get creative/resourceful with my programming, but when it comes to pure knowledge of GML, I'm still learning

Spriting: B

I'm satisfied with how much I've improved with my spriting over the past few years. Much better than the abominations I've done before.

Animating: D

I'm largely inconsistent with this, and usually too lazy to try animating. I'm working hard on improving, especially on my current project

Sound Design: B

Another thing I'm satisfied with. I love working with sound effects and the small details. If none of you have known, I've done many of the sounds and voices for the monsters in games like Fort Exile.(With some sound editing of course)

Level Design: C-

I think I'm pretty solid at establishing atmoshphere within a level, but other than that, I can improve with how I layout levels. Comp games is where I design levels the worst.

Overall, I'd give myself a C+ in game design, but I'm improving.

Given that this is the first game in a long time that I'm not making for a competition, my current game will be a lot better than my last few entries.

So, what game am I working on, exactly?

Since I lost most of The World's End because of my PC blue screening. I've decided to completely remake the project.

Appropriately named, "The World Anew"(hurr durr, so clever) It'll largely take place in the city of New Haven, on a post apocalyptic earth. But the world won't be your typical brown and grey, mud covered world. The world will be lush, vibrant and colorful.

I've already gotten key story moments written down for this game, as well as a notepad file and a sketchbook full of ideas that I've taken time to think out thoroughly.

Some story details I can give you is that is that it'll feature things like, assassin-like child soldiers, people smuggling weapons and supplies to a ragtag, but slowly evolving group named the Hybrids. No, you won't be fighting small, fuel efficient vehicles. They are a result of cross-species, extraterrestrial mating. So, basically, humans mating with Aliens to make the species live on and in hopes to create a 'master race'.

so yeah, uhh.. Story's kinda fucked up.

The idea behind the game originally started out overly ambitious; I was planning a large, consistent, open world with day/night cycles and leveling. I scrapped that idea, because; what game isn't doing this nowadays? Plus, it'd be much too difficult to make for one person, and the game would be messy.

The game still does have large, explorable areas, but you can only explore the city of New Haven(Which is where the game takes place) with the exception of the secret areas in more linear levels. The game also still transitions between night and day, as you progress throughout the levels.

In terms of gameplay, the only way I can explain it, is that it's vaguely similiar to Bioshock(The original Bioshock) You will get 'Power Gloves', which give you the ability to have abilities like telekinesis, force fields, teleportation and allow you to shoot sentries that will orbit around you and protect you by attacking enemies. But on top of that, you can have melee weapons like swords, glaives and such, plus medkits. The right mouse button will handle all of this. I might edit this blog and have an image showing exactly what I mean.

I wanted the controls to be as simplistic as possible, so the game is easy to pickup, but it'll take some time to master.

I want to focus on gameplay more than anything else in the game. I want the game to be fun and addictive, but also violent, along with some extemely intelligent AI that are very responsive to your actions and their environment.


-if you're hiding in a bush and alert the enemy, they'll flush you out with grenades and such and destroy the bush, by lighting it on fire.

-Or, if you use telekenises to block off entrances. The AI will search for something like a window nearby to destroy and get through that way, or if there is a large enemy, they'll use brute force and break down the door.

And with all this talk of violence, the main character will be affected less and less by all the violence, in subtle ways. More on this soon. All this typing is making me tired.

I've also done a few sprites/pixel 'art' of the game, mostly just conceptual.

This is one of those hybrid guys I was talking about.(See, not a vehicle) :3

This is unfinished, I'm planning on adding some explosions and stuff going on in the background.

She will be one of the main characters in the game. Somewhat of a companion in parts of the game.

Since I'm getting tired(It's 7 AM here), I'm gonna have to cut this blog off abruptly, for now. I'll end it, with a video of me killing jellyfish, blowing stuff up and a tech demo of my lighting engine. Plus me testing out the 'secret areas' thing at 1:40

Yeah, I'm tired, I'll update this blog later today


JuurianChi 10 years, 5 months ago


Not sure if ginger.

Charlie Carlo 10 years, 5 months ago

This is looking slick as heck.

Kinda iffy on the "child soldiers" part, though.

JID 10 years, 5 months ago

what, you think it sounds too effed up to be in a game? lol

if so, most of them will be around 16-18.

Charlie Carlo 10 years, 5 months ago

Well, at least if you're fighting them. I suppose teenage soldiers isn't that bad.

JID 10 years, 5 months ago

No, you won't be fighting any of them. Your enemies are pretty much just zombies, hybrids, various creatures and other factions, like rebel guys and some mysterious robed fellows.

I don't want to do anything blatantly offensive. The idea of them just fits in with the story.

I've made sure to avoid anything like that

Acid 10 years, 5 months ago

Your art really is improving! Good job, man! :D

I'm excited to play the crap out of this.

JuurianChi 10 years, 5 months ago

I think it's merely a matter of opinion.

Sure. Battle Royale turned a few heads, but it didn't take from the fact that it was a good movie.

JID 10 years, 5 months ago

I've always kind of wanted to watch Battle Royale, but never got around to it. Mostly because everytime i see anything about The Hunger Games on youtube, I'd see someone saying it was a ripoff of Battle Royale.

Oh, yeah. And another thing, for those people who wanted to be Spec Ops characters in The World's End's campaign all those years ago(Eva Unit, colseed, Qwilder BP Scraps and LoserHands), I'll try to honor that.

If you're interested, I know of a way you guys could actually fit into something that is already a feature in the game and it'd actually make perfect sense.

Now, just a fair warning, I WILL have to change the sprites you've made completely though to make it function and look nice in the game. And, to actually make sense, I'd have to use your actual name, but just your first name, (putting your full name would be creepy). :P

I could also even sprite your actual face in the game if you want, but if you don't(which is understandable) I'll give you like a cool looking mask or something. :P

Now, I know Eva, and Qwilder's real names, but I'm not sure what colseed or LoserHand's is.

If you ARE interested, I'll sprite your character and make custom tweaks to their sprites to make them your own, I'll also give them some cool stuff and probably some rare loot like a sword or some other kind of weapon that you can collect from only your characters, after you've killed them.(Which is actually kind of weird and like you've suicided in a way, killing your own, digital self. :P)

I'm reminded that I actually have a LOT more things that I didn't get to mention in the blog.

@Acid Thanks :D

colseed 10 years, 5 months ago


Yeah that'd be cool. Just as long as you don't mind doing the sprites n things.

also i will kill myself so many times muahahaha

edit: oh right and the name's Daniel

Cesque 10 years, 5 months ago

The rate at which everybody is improving their skills around here is astounding.

The pixels are great, one thing I don't like is the hybrid guy's blue chestplate (it uses a different style and looks less realistic than everything else).

No, you won't be fighting small, fuel efficient vehicles.


The game's story and idea reminds me one of Charlie's later concepts for Credence Filter, but the storyline also sounds a bit like a mess to me, though this may be me (and it's just based on the details you provided).