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Jabberwock posted on December 09, 2013 at 11:26 PM

Musical Advent Calendar + Let's Talk About Christmas

Hey guys! I'm in the midst of making an Advent Calendar of free music, mostly of the "sloppy folk songs recorded on any of several tape machines in varying states of disrepair" variety, kind of inspired by the cassette albums I used to make with my brothers when I was a kid. Some of the songs are happy, some of them are sad, all of them are a bit of a mess. These are the ones I've done so far:

Summoning Ritual Regression Sickness, Parts I & II The Landing [Instrumental] Pink Plastic Tree Song Idyll No. 1 (Parking Lot Scene) Snowfall Regression Sickness, Part III
If you want to follow along, that'd be great. I'll be posting them to my SoundCloud each day: https://soundcloud.com/hlemke
While we're on the subject, I'd really like to know some things about you. Christmas is a time thick with memories for most people I know, and that's by turns beautiful and kind of oppressive. So: what about you?

Do you actually like Christmas? What are some of your strongest memories from this time of year? Does it mean anything in particular to you? What makes it hard/nice for you? etc.


Jabberwock posted on October 27, 2013 at 5:36 AM

Space Hymns (2013 Space Theodicy Edition)

So maybe some of you remember my first couple of music releases, which were released as ultra-low-bit-rate MP3s. I've significantly expanded those releases and reissued them as of tonight. So, happy Sunday morning (it's 12:30 where I am).

Stream/download (high bit rate): http://brotherandroid.bandcamp.com/album/space-hymns-2013-space-theodicy-edition Download (low bit rate): dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6497403/space_hymns_complete_24kbps.zip

Brother Android's first two releases in all their original glory and then some. This quadruple EP contains all the tracks from Space Hymns and the Scientific Satellite EP, plus 16 new friends. Bursting at the bits with tunes & beats, blips & bleeps, squawks, squeaks, noise, & the occasional silence (for reflection). Stories of lonely voyages, desolation, mysterious sights, & the glory of God.
Tracks 1-8 are the "Tiny Spaceship EP."
Tracks 9-16 are the "Scientific Satellite EP."
Tracks 17-24 are the "Cold Planet EP."
Tracks 25-32 are the "Final Landing EP."

To obtain a sonically correct copy:
1. Download the Bandcamp release in the file format of your choice, and convert to 24 kbps MP3 format; or
2. Download the release here, already downsampled for maximum warmth & splendor: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6497403/space_hymns_complete_24kbps.zip

This edition is fully backwards compatible with all previous editions. Alternate canons also supported.
Lift up your synthesizers and play.

Jabberwock posted on September 11, 2013 at 9:22 PM

Music, Twitter, Life

So my last two posts were all about my music, but I guess I wasn't quite finished.

This is the first full-length album of my folk music project. It's about some things I went through, mostly a couple of years ago, though some of it's the kind of stuff that doesn't really end. If you are into lyric-centered acoustic music with shouting and tape hiss and wow and flutter, you might like it.

Stream/download it for free here: http://harrisonlemke.bandcamp.com/album/what-ails-us
Also, are any of you guys on Twitter? I don't really do much in the way of social media, but I've kind of warmed up to Twitter because it's a lot less invasive of people's privacy and can kind of be whatever you want it to be. So I'm there; you can follow me if there aren't enough links and bad jokes on your feed already: https://twitter.com/hplemke
I'm also playing my first-ever chiptune show in Austin, TX tomorrow night. And by "playing" I mean something more like "pushing play." Chiptune shows are kind of weird like that. Hopefully it won't be a total bust, though. I'm assuming none of you live anywhere nearby, but if anyone does and wants to come, let me know.

Also, I'm starting a software QA job next week. So that's a thing. I have some loans to pay off and grad school to potentially prepare for, so... yeah. Here's to hoping the adult world isn't as bad as it sounds. Do any of you work "in industry," as they say? I figure I can't be the only person here who accidentally grew up sometime in the last five years.