Partially finished unfinished projects

Posted by Jani_Nykanen on Feb. 8, 2021, 1:21 p.m.

After finishing A Graveyard for Dreams (well, I never released version 1.0.0 because, you know, new year new projects), I told myself next year I'll focus on doing something fun, meaning that instead of trying to finish "full" games (whatever that means), I will focus on prototypes, demos and experiments. Later I changed my mind, but now, a month and a few days later, I had done exactly as I had intended. But not on purpose.

The first project was supposed to be a simple roguelite arcade hack-n-slash dungeon crawler. You can find the source code and a link to playable prototype on the project's Github page (Click Here). The project was fun at first, but then I started losing motivation. I could finished it in a few weeks, but then I asked myself, after spending over three months on A Graveyard for Dreams, do I really want to do this again, work on a project that is rewarding, but only "randomly fun". I decided no, I don't want to do this right now. So I released that prototype and moved to the next project. I might still continue the project some day, who knows.

Next I spend time writing an interesting 3D experiment of which collision engine failed so badly let's not talk about it at all.

Next I started a DOS project. I thought that I want to make a puzzle game. Then I got an idea, what if I added some metroidvania-like progression to it? That is, you collect new items, can do new things, backtrack to old areas to find new stuff. Well, it turned out the game concept did not work, but I had some nice time working on the project, and I managed to finish a, ehm, "finished prototype". You can download the DOS binary here (Requires DOSBox). The game has CGA graphics, because I realized that if I draw only to x coordinates that are divisible by 4 and pack four pixels in bitmaps to one byte, I can do very fast drawing operations.

Anyways, next I'm possibly going to do some "serious" development again and get something finished. Hopefully.