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ENIGMA Cross Platforming

by JoshDreamland

Posted on December 15, 2007 at 2:33 AM

Behold the failure!

Good news and bad news. The good news is, I got GLUT up and running. However, GLUT doesn't make exes run on Mac. The bad news is, to compile for apple, one must have ENIGMA installed on an Apple. Also, it's +150kb to the raw game. The good news on that however is, yes, that means ENIGMA will have to run on Apple. Also with that, ENIGMA is free. Yoyo is gonna lose sleep over my favorite line.
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#define gamemaker_registered TRUE

Makes me smile just thinking about it.

I'd have liked to be more of friends than bitter rivals with anyone. But Yoyo... Well. I can't say I have ever liked the idea of Yoyo. Too bad their $2m budget can't buy Dylan and me. (Or Dave, for that matter. I believe he doesn't consider himself as such, but he's pretty much the third ENIGMA developer. I'm just titling him as Oracle for now, because that, he sure as hell is.)

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Anyway, Josh, is that all you had to tell us? Haven't you done ANYTHING since the last blog?

Well, of course I have.
<li>Alpha works. Just for starters.
<li>draw_line implemented.
<li>draw_line_color implemented.
<li>draw_line_width implemented.
<li>draw_line_width_color implemented.
<li>draw_rectangle implemented.
<li>draw_rectangle_color implemented.
<li>window_set_caption implemented.
<li>Primitives can now be set to do all drawing at draw_primitive_end. Meaning you can call draw functions between draw_primitive_begin and draw_primitive_end. It will not take up any more space if disabled, in RAM or in EXE.
<li>Shell design is in progress. Meaning that by Christmas Day, I want the shell to be ready for ENIGMA to compile in.

Dylan also did some more functions. I believe I left him last when he was working on file_text functions. Rest assured, I'm only at a loss at the moment because Dylan has his finals to do. So he's busier than hell also.

Juju is in on this now, as he offered to do the help file for us. ^_^ I trust it'll be better than Mark's. Maybe even appealing enough to not turn newbs into n00bs.

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Now, let me say this. My dad is in the hospital, but is on a fast road to recovery. He had what's called a bowel resection. Meaning they took out some of his large (in this case) intestine. There were some complications, but I feel the worst is over. I could be wrong, so, if worst comes to worst, I may be late.

So now, between this and the last paragraph, three hours have passed. I have the chores of someone twice my age now, and the responsibility of... Someone about my age. >.<

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Anyway. Back to ENIGMA.

"i barely believ u exist, but since ur riting a blog i gess i'll beleve u do. but how do i no ur not lying??"

Lemme tell you. Believe what you want, until the release is made. And I want it made soon, like, before February for sure. I want something out before January if possible. And I want the shell done, as I said, by Christmas Day.

As for photographic evidence, look how it has evolved.

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Now, as I explore further into GLUT and OpenGL, I'ma find the best way to do sprites, circles and other shapes, and windows like show_message and get_string. May not be simple. =

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And finally, what I need is someone as a consultant or team member. Someone who is at least experienced in Mac and/or Linux programming to help me out with some things, such as testing, the equivalents of the system registry and environment variables, etc. It'd help if you know GLUT. But any info that anyone can give is appreciated. Doesn't have to be anything long lasting or formal. But our Oracle, Dave, has no info on the stuff. Or at least not much. So if you have any pointers or suggestions, please lemme know.

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Apparently there is some confusion as to what ENIGMA IS. ENIGMA is a C++ written IDE that will load, edit, syntax check, and ultimately compile GML. It also will take C++, and has an options panel that'll prolly wind up being deeper than ... Deeper than a lot of things. It will allow all sorts of funky syntax, and still compile it into a more compact, working game.

And that's the synopsis.