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Posted by Kamira on Aug. 30, 2008, 1:02 a.m.

Which now actually pretty rare.

Mmk, where to start…. Summer?

Summer was so long, I hardly remember what happened. After thinking a bit, I remembered.

Summer started out basically as dull as could be. My computer broke out of nowhere, and my dad was in Finland until the 25th of June, so I was left with no computer. Then, at around the 20th, our TV broke leaving me with very little to do. Fortunatley, (and, not) we left on vacation the 25th go to to Wisconsin and Indiana. The trip was… A trip. Took a while, but that's what portable gaming systems and DVD players and MP3 players are for. Woot. so, it was kinda fun because I went through like, 3 new states on the way there, so, cool? I guess.

So we get to Wisconsin, and we stay in a pretty decent hotel. Several big screen TV's, and such. But outside the room stunk like.. I don't now what. Something really bad. So, I go to hook up the PS2 and I realize… We forgot the cord >_>. But we had a Wii and that made me happy face.

Also there were some ducks living nearby, and twice they came around over here. Ducks are awesome. The hotel thing was really big, so there was a lot of water parks and such. Only bad thing was that it was generally in the 70s, so the outside ones were meh, but the inside ones were good. We stayed there for like, 3 days, then it was on to Indiana.

Butfirst we went to this weird house thing. You can't describe it-it's a house museum thing, on a rock. This one dude built it and put stuff in. Half of it was just like, stuff from the past and other interestign s1tuff like old guns, pictures of battleships, and such. And there was a pizza place there, but it was even more overpriced then the schools, which is saying something.

So, we went to Indiana and it is really close to my birthday so I'm like, can't has wait. But I had to. So those boring days I just played random games on the Wii, and stuff. Then it came.

Here's what I got for my 14th birthday:

Another 1GB stick of RAM, so I have 2 GB now.

A 2GB flash drive, since I lost my old 1 GB one.

Guitar Hero 3 (Woot!) and a guitar, of course.

Like, $175

And tickets to a Weird Al concert, which I will discuss a tiny bit later.

So, I finally got gh3. I didn't want it for the wii though, but my parents got it for it, and being me, I didn't whine about it or anything. So, I hook it up, and try it out, starting on easy (Remember, I had some experience with guitar hero2 so it definitley wasn't my first time). So, I go to play Slow Ride on easy, and FC'd it, which really, is just about the easiest thing ever, but being my first FC (other then In a Heart Shaped Box on medium in gh2) I was happy. So I go on to play more songs and I FC'd a couple more of them. Then, we went from that house to my other grandma's house, which has a less nice TV. But I still continued playing GH3.

Then the Weird Al concert came up. It was pretty cool-The tour's ended now, It last like, 3 hours, and before it everyone was throwing around some beach balls that some company was giving out(one hit me in the back of the head >_>) and he played a lot of songs, but only half of them fully through. They were slightly different-His voice was different, there was twice the guitar, which was awesome, and more importantly, it was loud. After a couple songs he'd go back to change costumes, and on the screen he put on things from his movie, TV show, and mostly his fake interviews with celebrities.

So after that it was back to gh3, I think I beat it on easy and maybe medium before we left for home. Which we left for home.

So yay, it was back home time and we went back home. So, after doing some stuff, I hooked the Wii up to our other TV, which is a 50 inch flatscreen, and started playing gh3 and was just amazed by how much better it looked. so in July basically all I did was hang out with friends, and play video games.

August was a more eventful month. Asside from hanging out and playing video games, I decided to start trying gamemaker. After messing around a bit I decided to make a TDS. But having close to no knowledge in coding or anything, it was anything but easy (kept having to ask people like Ross for answers to stuff and what to do >_>) But yeah. Right now my work on it is pretty slow, and I'm still at the part where I'm not going to even post a picture or go into detail or anything-And right now there's this really annoying glitch that when you equip a weapon your sprite disapears for no reason.

Then band camp started. Those of you who don't know, band camp is where we go during the summer for a good part of a day for a week or 2 and practice playing and marching. And since I play euphonium, I'm not too lucky. It's one of the worst instruments to march with, being second heaviest to tuba, but you lean those on your shoulder instead of hlding it out in front of you. I don't know which is harder though, but playing with just 3 valves instead of the 4 that is on a concert one is hard to get used to, plus the instrument is crap anyway. So's my concert one.

So band camp ended, and I had 1 more week before school was over. So obviously I was trying to work on my game and goof off and stay up late as much as possible. Then, school came.

It's hard to say if it's better or worse then middle school. On the upside, no lockers so you bring your backpack, and better food. On the downside, shorter lunch, VERY crowded hallways (school was built to hold 2,700, and there's 3,300 people), being late is really bad yet too easy to do, there's 4 floors, and some outside classes, and I have to go from top of the school, all the way to the other side, down to the bottom, outside, and to the portable's. But lunch is actually good. 2 things-Pizza every day that isn't crap, and soda (but it's diet so meh). a bit more on lunches later.

So here's my schedule, basically.

1st period: World Geography Pre-AP

It's hard to get here on time since it's the top floor. Seems like it's going to be a decent clas, but you never know >_>. I have 2 friends in that class and fortunatley I sit right next to both of them.

2nd period(A):Geometry Pre-AP

For those of you who don't know what a A-B schedule is, each day is classified as a A day or a B day. On A days you go to A classes, and on B day's B classes.

Anyway, as expected, I'll be having homework eery day >_>>>>. Right now we're basically doing what we did last year, so it's all like boring review. I have a couple friends, I sit next to one of them.

2nd period(B):Biology Pre-AP

The teacher isn't nice or mean. Kinda hard to say. What's cool is she has 2 rats and they're awesome. One of them looks like it's becomming sick though. I have 2 good friends in that class, sit next to 1.

3rd period(A):Spanish 1

One word: ARGH. What's worse is the way we learned to pronounce stuff in conversational spanish last year was wrong, so it's like they told us 2+2=6 and we had to beleive it, and now we're learning it's 4. Anyway, the teacher sounds kinda like Will Smith when he's talking in english, but he speaks spanish most the time. Right now, we basically are told to say stuff and we say it, without knowing what we're saying really. It's the better way to learn though, like.. Like how you learned your first language. But the teacher's funny sometimes so that's good. Also someone superglued a quarter to one of the desks, and sadly I cannot get it off.

Anyway, I have A lunch on A days, which is write in between 2nd and 3rd so woot. I have like, 8 friends who also have it.

3rd period(B):Communication Applications

What is wrong about 3rd periods? Commapp is super argh. We're going to have to write and give speeches and all that crap that I'd rather give up drinking soda then doing. Oh well. Plus it's in a portable, so as I said I have to go really far.

I have C lunch on B days which is meh. I also have something around 6 friends who also have it.

4th period(A):English 1 Pre-AP

meh. I have no friends in this class, so it's incredibly boring. Also, we're going to read Shakespearre later in the year so super duper argh.

4th period(B):Tech Systems

This class is an odd combination of fun and boring. When not working, and without the teacher seeing really(or not caring?) we hook up the stuff that's in the station and mess around with it (We got a lever to spark, and one of my friends turned on a bunson burner and it started smoking.) So yay.

5th period: Band

I made symphonic band, which is the second to top band, and being a freshman, that's pretty good. So, we practice and such, and then if it's Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday we go outside and march and practice music and stuff until 6:20, and by that time we're all really tired. So I only get home at around 7:00 those days, and I'm too tired to do anything, but I still have to do my homework, so super duper mega argh. Wednesdays are off, and Fridays are off unless there's a football game. Speaking of…

I just got back from our first football game. On the way there, we went to Chickfila, and I ate a TON. On the way back, we accidently rear ended someone, but we were going at like 1 mph so there was no damage. Speaking of such, afterwards we learned some mexican dude rearended someone else in our section and sped off, but there was some damage there. And he has a nice car.

Everyone expected us to lose miserably, but amazingly we won easily at around 35-10. We had a good time, and 2nd quarter we were allowed to roam around I got a soda so yay. We didn't do our full show, we just stood in a couple arcs and played the opener, which is pretty long, and a couple other songs. I didn't get home until 11:30 so wow…. We overall had a good time there.

Back to gh3.. I can't say if I'm good or bad, because I'm better then some and worse then some. I've beaten everything on hard, including Through the Fire and Flames, except Lou (havent tried much) and on expert I've beaten everything except all of the 8th tier, and obviously TTFAF. TTFAF is the only of the noncareer songs I play, just because it's a decent challenge, and I kinda like it. I've also 5 starred a decent amount of songs on hard and expert, and all on easy and medium.

Currently I'm saving up for an XBox360 and Halo3, which at this moment I have an estimated $380, so around 40 more to go. When guitar hero world tour (that's the next one coming out) comes out, I'm getting it for the 360 that I should have by then.

Recently I got my room painted the color of REFRIED BEANS! YEAH! wooooo. I love it. Still kinda weird though. And it's more of a light refried bean color.

A couple weaks back I beat the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-Master's Quest for the first time. I beat it only because of a glitch that lets your skip most of the water temple. But the thing is, it isn't too hard, it's just different. It's the different of 2+2 and 1+3. I managed to beat Ganondorf and Ganon without fairies because I had none, so I'm happy.

In Biology I was bored so I wrote a story that is too random to have decent.. stuff that makes a story well written, but it's random, and maybe funny. It was based off an assignement we had to do.

William is a drunk crazy person with three arms, living on top of a hippie's SUV, which is always speeding across the highway. One day they ran over some monkey pedestrian's and the SUV bumped and William flew off and landed on the road head first and got ran over by 2 cars, and had to have stitches to his head and some other stuff healed. After that, they went to the grand canyon, whih was a disaster since they accidently drove off of it. And that was the end for the SUV, but the 2 people were alive.

Anyway, William's pen pal in Algeria, who is 4 years old, got AIDs and every possible disease but lived. He then decided to dig a hole. It was 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 million feet, the million going underground, and it then rained and filled up the whole. the pressure cause the hole to deepen, and that time it had struck the mantle, which cause a giant volcano to form and engulf the earth in magma. But the hippy lived because hippies are too not-having-showers to die of anything other then water. So there he was, sort of swimming in this pool of lava that was now the earth (it covered the earth 10 feet deep) and one day, it all hardened, leaving the earth simple a gigantice rock. Then SUV's from Mars took over the world, set up government, and such.

The hippy didn't mind being ruled by SUV's except they always would drive over him. Unlucky for all of them, one day mutant cell phones launched an invasion, but the car dealer that made all the SUV's issued out super SUV tanks, 10 times the size of a normal SUV and with tank stuff. But that was not enough, and all but 5 died out. Those 5, including the SUV dictator, hid on the moon. But one day, all the cell phones ran out of minutes and died, and SUV's took over again. Then the hippy ate a super rock, and with the nutrients in it grew to be 100 feet tall, so then he worked on destroying all the evil crazy SUV's. once he did, Chuck Norris and William suddenly respawned out of nowhere, and used antimagma to get rid of all the dried lava, and the world returned to normal? Everyone sort of just reappeared and stuff.

Anyway, that about sums it up. This is most likely my longest blog ever. I probably won't blog until mid Fall or early Winter. I know I don't blog much, but that's because I prefer to write huge blogs like this. Anyway, that's it, so bai.

Also, big hits counter is big.


Iluvfuz 15 years, 10 months ago

Um…sorry, didn't bother to read any of this at all.


Still can't believe you're keeping that crappy banner i made for you.

Cesar 15 years, 10 months ago

actually SixWinged, it's got the lowest failure rate and the best wiitar, not to mention the stereo verion of GHWii has the best sound quality.

Iluvfuz 15 years, 7 months ago

Lol, you still have that banner.

Kamira 15 years, 7 months ago

Yeah, even made a minigame out of it.