Kind of a weird dream.

Posted by Kamira on Sept. 17, 2009, 9:47 p.m.

So last night I had this weird like 5 hour long dream that was basically my brain flipping through channels of my thoughts.

I MIGHT have some of this out of order but that’s because there’s a lot of parts.

It started out as me in a game show. Apparently, the goal was to put on a shirt. I look at a stack of clothes, and there was a bunch of cool looking shirts or something. Then this jerk walks up and puts on just about all of them, leaving a bunch of Nintendo shirts. I put on a Mario Kart one, and was asked to look at some paintings. Suddenly the scenery slightly changed, (speaking of which it had a striking resemblance to a bit of a map in the Halo2 campaign, now that I think about it) and I was standing there, looking at the Dark Lord dude from Star Wars, the guy who gets killed by Luke and Darth Vader in the end. He was ranting on to 7 or so minions, generals I guess, about how they have failed him and asking them why. One of them raises his hand as if he’s in 7th grade and says “uhhh cause Darth Vader isn’t here.â€? So I suddenly realize I’m Darth Vader and go “Okkkk I’m hereeeâ€? and the-

And then I was back in the game show, apparently, having become the most famous person in the universe, all the famous actors/musicians/etc. in the world were running by and giving me high fives. It was pretty cool. I was about to give a speech or something when I turned around and-

And all of a sudden I’m overlooking a dark, rainy plain. There’s a sort of military base type thing sitting on the ground, and the rain subsides a bit and the clouds part as… yeah, a small UFO flies through. A barrage of missiles fly from the base and destroy the UFO. Seconds later, a slightly bigger UFO came down, only to be destroyed by an even bigger barrage of missiles. The UFO’s and missiles just kept getting bigger and bigger when some alien dude said something about us having no chance, when all of a sudden a HUGE bubble of Halo3 Banshees flies in with a Scorpion mounted on one of them and blows up the alien mothership. By “bubbleâ€? I mean they all formed this huge sphere, miles upon miles in diameter, and I (Darth Vader, again, only I’m flying now) look in the sphere and see a small blue circle. So I jump into a Banshee and start shooting at the sphere when it said..

Yeah it started talking. It said “Ah, Darth Vader is hereâ€? And it exploded, the edge of the mushroom cloud inches away from me, only as in most of my dreams the vierw was in 3rd person. So I fall back into a sphere of.. floating Halo3 Scorpions… to land on a big Tie Fighter thing to meat up with the dark lord dude and apparently, the explosion had “Fixed my retinal problemâ€?

At this moment, I suddenly was in my grandparents house, apparently WATCHING the 5th Starwars (what just happened) and I thought it was “a lame way of them showing how he could see Luke without his helmet.â€? It made sense to the dream me, but to explain, apparently, I thought that when Anakin burst into flame and lost his arms and legs in the 3rd movie that he had been blinded, so when he “looks at Luke with his own eyesâ€? at the end of the 6th movie, that he needed eyesight… And that that’s why he had the helmet. I don’t know why I thought that, because he wasn’t blinded. Oh, and apparently the explosion strengthened my body so I was immune to UV rays.

As the explosion subsides, my vision goes to the blown up planet, and a narrator voice in the background says “Well, so much for planet (forgot the name)â€? So apparently it wasn’t Earth. So as I turn back to the Dark Dude I suddenly..

Am back home. I had finished watching Starwars 5, and was walking downstairs (because this was my grandparents house) and as I walked down I decided to pick up this huge wooden dusty cabinet, which I did with one arm so I guess I’d been working out a lot in my dreams. There’s a little lizard under it and as I go to pick it up, this intense death metal just starts playing and this deep voice like the dude in Halo who says “Double Kill!â€? and such, and claims that I should only pick up big lizards, and then adding in a sillyish tone of voice, that they are attracted to clocks. So I pull a nondigital clock out of my pocket and mount it on the wall, and a ton of lizards ran to it. I had won.

So I walk in the next room, and um.. yeah RedChu was in there. All of a sudden, there was 3 of me’s: One was on a chair playing (I apologize for all these Halo references, I don’t know why it was on my mind) Halo3 with a PS2 controller. Another me was just lying down on a sofa, chilling out, and the 3rd me walked up to RC and said hey man whatsup, but he was busy talking to a girl. This part gets very weird. I tell RC that she’s gonna say (something, I forgot) and a second later, she did. And apparently she found it annoying that I had done that, and was about to say something when I told RC she was going to ask him out, and she did. Then I started thinking of if I had predicted the future, or shaped the future, when all of a suddennnnnnnn

I’m driving one of my parents cars down the highway. All of my driving experience has been in my dreams, and I typically crash, normally into trees, because there’s unusually low traffic when I dream, as there was here. I was driving across the normally busy highway near my house, and there were only about 7 other cars on the road, all near me. So I come up to a red light, and start pushing on the brakes. As nothing happened, I slammed on the breaks only to keep my constant speed. So I run the red light and no one cares, so this just goes on and on until.. The road stops. Just a blank, dead end. The railroad tracks went on, and as me and the 7 other car drivers get out, I realize they’re all people I know, wearing shirts from my High School, Elementary schools, and other schools. So I’m like ok, so I get on this mine cart that’s placed there when this person gets on the intercom and announces “To avoid access to locations that normal individuals don’t have access granted to, please get off the minecarts unless you are an employee, or got a 10 at our golf course. Thank you and good night.â€? So we all sigh and get back in our cars anddd

I’m home. MY home. My mom walks up claiming she just got 2 puppies, so I’m like cool, and she hands me a bomb on a chain and says “hang this on the stairs for them to play with, and don’t drop it.â€? So after throwing it to the ground as hard as I could, I hung it up and went to the kitchen to find.. 3 kittens on the sink. So I’m like “Mom, those puppies are freaking CATSâ€? so then the cats jump in a hamster cage and

I woke up. By far, this was one of the coolest dreams I have ever had, and definitely the longest. I do believe, possibly, I slightly woke up during part of this, but only with part consciousness, and fell back asleep. It just seems that a break somewhere in there seems like it happened, and surely there were segments and definitely details I forgot.


RC 14 years, 9 months ago

I hope you can predict the future.

Kamira 14 years, 9 months ago

I hope you don’t go to my grandparent’s house. I was looking for lizards.

Kamira 14 years, 9 months ago

My dreams generally have no consistency, though I do sometimes have “repeatsâ€? or “sequelsâ€?.

MMOnologueguy 14 years, 9 months ago

This makes me want to Google some way to remember dreams really well.

Nathan 14 years, 9 months ago

Nice dream recall. Do you keep a journal or use any methods to improve it?

MMORPGguy the best way to remember your dreams is to keep a dream journal and write down whatever you can remember right as you wake up, a pain to do but it greatly improves your dream recall.

Toast 14 years, 9 months ago

I don't usually remember dreams well, but I've had a lucid dream once or twice. Kicks ass.

SteveKB 14 years, 9 months ago

I lust for lucid dreams sadly I've not had time to practice. But yes they are kick ass even if you only have control for a few seconds. It's like, where the f am i? then you realize you are in a dream and decide to rip the scene of the image plane and start in a blank void of whiteness…. and then you lose control and random things start happening again.

All I'm afraid of is that maybe lucid dreaming could keep you from waking up D: because you realize its a dream but then forget about real life D:

Acid 14 years, 9 months ago

@meow44: If you could control your dreams forever, why would you want to wake up?!

Kamira 14 years, 9 months ago

Actually I didn't write it down until about 12 hours later (this blog.) I HAD told the story several times to a couple of my friends though.