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SteveKB posted on July 09, 2014 at 2:24 PM

Android App Released

I released my game on the app store (and it's mostly untouched)

I'd like some feedback on it though so if any of you have some spare time feel free to check it out. Be blunt, but mostly on what can be improved.

After I get feedback I'll be able to dedicate some time into adding more things that should make it diverge from the similar versions of this app.

Here is the link: Flappy Anivia
Besides that I'm trying to think of what other project to work on in my spare time.


Hmm... well besides that I'm at an internship right now.
Nothing much is going on besides preparing for convention artist alley tables with my girlfriend.

Here is a list of confirmed alleys that I'll be at:

2014> SS Kaizokucon, Muskegon MI, Aug[16-17]
2014> Youmacon, Detroit MI, Nov[30-2]
2015> Shutocon, Lansing MI, Mar[20-22]

I'll probably post again when I attend some of those (maybe)

cyah all later!

SteveKB posted on September 15, 2013 at 5:16 PM

Android Testing

Hey I'm trying to develop for Android.

I have a free application currently published which is in alpha.

If any of you fit all of the requirements below please send me a message.

1. Own and android

2. Have 0 dollars

3. Have a Google+ or gmail account

4. Don’t mind getting lots of updates randomly

5. Are good at giving feedback

This app won't be the one that will be distributed as the game but is more for testing android functionality and compatibility

I can't make this one the actual app since the google dev console won't let me change a free game into a paid one. (I will just ask again after all this testing is done and whoever is willing to pay 1 dollar for alpha/beta access later can join in)

We've got a lot of testing to do. (but not really)

SteveKB posted on March 04, 2013 at 1:32 PM

MomoCon 2013

So I made a fundraiser to get to a convention.

So I slashed all the prices by 60% link to project

I have accommodations I really just need $40 for the ticket (the minimum for a project is 500 which is why it's that high) the rest will go into probably me having food for the rest of the year I guess. ( I do have a planned 12 dollars for the 64D shirt set aside but I just need to figure out how to pay it properly which I've almost gotten sorted out)

You will get something in return which would be art. My art is not bad in my opinion so at least it'll be worth it.

If you could help spread this around or contribute maybe just a dollar that would be great.

link to project

I plan on actually making either a kickstarter or indiegogo fundraiser for my game project once I get my demo finished. indiegogo however lets you campaign for anything.

Update on life: college is hard. Combinatorics math is hard because I haven't focused on it enough oops. Midterms soon I':

About my other project:
It's going to be a top down view game in rpgmaker style but not made in rpgmaker of course. and basically it'll be story and atmosphere driven.
more details on that later. I think I'll post more stuff about it as it progresses each month on here. I will set a date - the 27th of each month will be when I post about it.