I won a bee! Wanna be I?

Posted by Kamira on May 11, 2011, 8:47 p.m.

Even though I has golden bee from Link to the Past, probably not. Boring year for me [/fad]

Don't have too much to say, not much ever really happens >_>

This year's been pretty dull, with the exception of January. Lot of fun band trips, especially this one where about 12 of us went on a weekend trip to play the fight song twice for the cheerleaders for their competition, so the rest of the weekend was spent having fun. We brought an xbox and all sat around and watched/played Halo, CoD, and Left 4 Dead 2. Band director ordered some pizza and then he decided to play some xbox, which was rather hilarious (lost horribly).

Other than that, school's been pretty standard. I've had a ton of free time because there's hardly any homework now, and most of it I finish in class. Apparently I'm good at chemistry because in AP Chemistry I don't pay attention all the time or study, and yet I normally get the highest scores on the tests (and there's a couple people in the top 10 in that class- I'm in the top 25%…) so, I have no clue how that happened. I'm sad because I would've aimed for a 5 on the AP test but it was much harder than the practice tests, oh well.

All this free time makes me bored. I hang out with people more often but normally they're busy, xbox isn't as fun as it used to be and Kabob is almost always on the good laptop, so I'm stuck with just my horrible 6 and a half year old computer. I'd be fine with playing low-settings Minecraft but I get about 15-30 second ping, but that should be fixed in 1.6. Probably not though. I recently finished my roller coaster, it's in Six Flags Over Melton Sea. Uh… Everything else I've done is relatively pointless, except making my house look better. I'd make more tunnels/expand existing tunnels but teleporting destroys the purpose.

I kinda want to get back into gamemaker, recently I concepted the co-op mode. Too bad I'm lazy and inexperienced.

Yeah, didn't have much to say.


Went places in January

Nothing since


Someone should buy Kabob a new laptop so I can use the family laptop. Or just, you know, buy me one.


Majatek 13 years ago

Someone should by Kabob a new laptop

should by Kabob a new

should by Kabob


Kamira 13 years ago

The bad thing is I saw that and corrected it and still got it wrong. I was reallllly not paying attention.