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Kanelbullen posted on November 19, 2007 at 4:07 PM

Ultimate - Sended for vertification


EDIT: I forget the "Do you want to send your results?" is on swedish and ar einstead "Vill du sända ditt resultat" I think that's te only swedish.

I've finished a game yesterday, a one hour game.
It was made for a competition on UGMS.
A speedmaking competition.
It gonna be as awful as possible.
I hop it goes trough the vertification :P

But it's kinda fun sometimes ^^
Online highscore: http://rutan.awardspace.com/kanelbullenpro/ultimate/highscore.php
Download: http://kanelbullen.freeweb7.com/0711/ultimate.zip
Mirror2: http://www.rocketsoft.gm-school.uni.cc/uploads/ultimate.zip

The Info:

WASD - move
Left Mouse Button - Shoot
Home-key - Show highscore
Esc - Exit game

Sprites: Kanelbullen
Programming: Kanelbullen
Music: Kanelbullen
100% Kanelbullen made! ;D

(C) Kanelbullen Productions http://kanelbullen.atspace.com
Online highscore: http://rutan.awardspace.com/kanelbullenpro/ultimate/highscore.php
You can test if you want ^^
Say what you think.
And it's the first time I make music...

Kanelbullen posted on November 08, 2007 at 7:10 PM

Part 2 of 4 of "the classic"

This will be a short blog becauseI need to go and eat something...

Today I made part 2 of 4 of "The Classic" in swedish Klassikern.
The classic is a thing we make every year if you want. It's 1 mile running, 1 KM swimming, 1.2 miles skiing and 2.2 miles cykling(bikingor what you call it).

I've made the running and the swimming.
Today I made the swimming.

After that we came home to the school and had lunch. Aftr that we had naturalscience.
And after that we walked 3.3 Km.
Then we had english and left the school.

In the morning i walked like 700m and after school 1km from and to the bus. Diferent stations ^^

When I came home i studdied in 1 hour.
After that I left my home for training.
I trained handball for 1h and 30 minutes and left home again.

And here I am...
But now I have to make something to eat, cya!

Kanelbullen posted on October 27, 2007 at 7:54 AM

Programming X


How are you today?

I'm fine and still working on Forbidden Garden.
But now I'm also working with a new programming community for game, web, program and mod programming.
All types of programming.
You can join if you want.

Programming X A programming community for all programming, game, program, web and mod programming. Join now!

It's not big now but it can be when I'm done eith the job!

When i'm done with Forbidden Garden I'll do a website for a company called Landelius Symakeri in sweden.
It will be a "boat" style on the website.
Hope I get a little bit of money ;)