my birthday: 13

Posted by KraZKat on Jan. 20, 2007, 9:33 p.m.

Well I'll post what I entered in on my xanga:

Woke up, rolled out of bed, dragged myself to the living room, ate…and the usual school morning routine. I got on the bus and quietly listened to my MP3 player, everyone was quiet. Then Liz came on and seemed to break the silence of the bus. The conversation seemed to have a worrisome tone to it, so I really wanted to brighten the mood. I said (in my TV Reporter/Host voice) "and in better news, today is my birthday." all the girls said happy birthday to me. My plan worked everyone was happier. The day was filled with test in which the silence was still good. Then came lunch, I got a free desert for it was my birthday, but I by the time I started eating it we had to go have activity period, play Knockout or sit. Now when you were in Jr. High you may have the students split in two groups which are called various things like Pods, Teams, Clans, Groups, etc. Well I am in Pod A, all my friends I know in this city are in Pod B. So I stayed back into Pod B's lunch and talked with my friends. I was given a early dismissal and was picked up by DorK (who you know as Dominique and Kevin) and my mom and taken to Starbucks in Oakwood. Now let me fill you in on my past:

I went into Oakwood in Summer of 2004, but I did not know Oakwood was a perverted place for stuck-up pricks who have nothing to do but gossip. So I was outcasted for 2 years and the parents and adults in Oakwood were no better. If something bad happened to me, and I reported… nothing happened. If a student wanted gossip and attention they said I did something, anything, and I got in trouble… most the time I did nothing. Along with that I had a (insert many words here) teacher who tried to purposely fail me and thought she was "perfect" and did nothing wrong. But I left after 2 years there. After that Oakwood's perverseness

was exposed like my sisters pug, Humphrey, without a collar on. Soon Oakwood became a disgrace… to everyone.

:Now I am Oakwood's last ember of their fire of gossip and lies. So I get IM'd a lot on my old screen name for gossip on me. So today at the Oakwood Starbucks, I know about 9 people who I use to be in my classes were in there. Instantly the gossip starts. I don't have to say anything but they sure will spread any word about my name. Some were on cell phones some may have been using camera phones to take pics of me. Now I sit back, and my mom, Dork, and I seem to be having fun watching Oakwood be like fishes out of water around me and talking about our lives. They don't know where I moved to just that someone sees me from time to time, I remain a mystery to them and their pitiful gossip. I went home then had to be blind folded for one of my presents, I walked in to the living room blinded and my mom told me to put one finger out and touch my present. I did, and I heard a PIANO. I took off the blindfold and I was in shock, an upright piano of excellent quality. I played a while on it, then I

then opened my presents which I got:

- World of Warcraft "For the Horde" Shirt

- World of Warcraft "Hunter" pin

- Camouflage pants

- Drawing pencils, Charcoal pencils, and 2 drawing pads.

- Picture frames for my room

- Alarm Clock

- Awesome Watch

- Salvador Dali painting for my room (Favorite Artist)

- Halo Novel:Ghost of Onyx

- Voice Headset for Talking Online

- and of course my Upright Piano

We had pulled pork for dinner (My favorite and my pick) and then Ande's Mint Cheese Cake for my cake.

My brother, Zakk, was popping balloons to scare us so I said don't and a few min later he did and he was laughing on the floor. I snuck in my room and grabbed the squirt gun and shot him across our living room. He got pissed off but I was happy, my aim was nice. Then we finished having dinner and I was on the loveseat (two seat couch) and Zakk whipped me with a apron. So I snuck off while they thought I was checking for broken skin and I jumped out of the corner flying half way across the living room shooting my brother in the middle of the chest perfectly with a cold stream of water until I ran out of pressure in my squirt gun and hit the floor laughing as well. But I only hit him and he was pissed again. But it was funny and he knew it and began to laugh with the rest of us. For shows we watched The Office and Armed and Famous. Then the rest of the night we settled down and we all soon fell asleep.

The paints of the enjoyments of life can last forever in good quality, if you mix it with memories of the moments you cherished. (And yes I typed that, and yes I can talk/type like that)

:Also I am ad.(ing) for DFortun81


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