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KraZKat posted on January 16, 2013 at 11:08 AM


So I haven't posted in awhile- but I felt like sharing this story.
I'll put an update on my life later. Though this is a story that takes place back late August.


Go to the grocery store, buy a few things, come home, cook a little something (in this case, I baked pomegranate cupcakes,) clean a little, finish up a design project, and relax. A simple day by my standards. Though let's rewind that, go to the grocery store, buy a few things, but before getting back home something happened, that something was a ball of fur on the sidewalk.

Grey fur, black marks, a white tummy, small enough to hide in my hand. “Aw, I think it's a dead mouse.” I told Megan on our walk home. Then it's leg moved. Now to inform you, I am the kind of person who loves animals and nature so much that I pick cicadas off the sidewalk on my walks and put them in grass or trees to avoid them ever being hurt or killed. So this of course stopped me in my tracks. What once looked like a dead mouse, was now panting heavily, and from under its body sprouted a tail, a furry tail. “Wait... is that a gerbil?” we wondered. “Maybe a baby squirrel?” then it began to move a little, and then we saw it's webbed legs. A baby flying squirrel.

“I didn't even think they lived around here!” I said in awe, I couldn't see a nest in sight, and there were too many people to just leave it there. So we took a grocery bag from our double bagged collection of food, and I put it in to prevent any skin to squirrel contact. The walk home Megan and I switched turns carrying the bags, and carrying the squirrel. Along that walk Megan wanted to name it Rocky, which we both loved the idea.

I have done this often enough in my life that my mom just knows when I do it. Whether I'm smuggling mice in my closet or nurturing an armless turtle. She gets the look of “What is it now?” on her face when we come home, though she isn't upset, but sympathetic. The hard part was breaking the news to my dad, but even that went over well. What else would we do? Leave it for the cats and racoons outside? Never.

For the first night he lived in a bird cage, in a pile of leaves and toilet paper. That night I also ran what had been 3 miles in total just to get him Esbilac Puppy Milk and a tiny syringe for him to nurse on. With that, and a load of research between my mom and myself, and a few phone calls, he was in good hands. He even had a little bed which consisted of a footy sock that I heated up with the hair dryer and put in his cage to keep him warm (which is very important.)

That was Sunday, over the course of Monday, Tuesday, and today I've bathed him, fed him, nursed him with the syringe, had him sleep on me, let him run around, and gave him a larger cage with a branch full of berries and leaves, toilet paper as the ground cover (he really loves toilet paper) and of course his little warm sock. He drinks lots of milk, even grabbing the syringe and pulling it toward him like a baby with a bottle. He also loves walnuts, munching down on about one to two a day.

Now with all the care I've dedicated to Rocky, he's become attached to me. Having saved his life, and now mothering him, that is expected. Even flying squirrels are common pets because they grow attached. Though he is adorably clingy. When I go to put him back in his cage he tries to climb on my hand, he always wants to be on my shirt, he sleeps on my shoulder, or in the crevice of my arm when he's on me, and more.

Today I came home and found him wide awake gnawing on a berry off his branch, when he realized I was there he became almost embarrassed it seemed and hid, then I put my hand in the cage and he climbed into my hand. I fed him, saw he ate his two walnuts while I was at school, and thought to myself today would be a good day to let him get outside a little.

We tried trees, branches, pieces of wood, the hammock to test his skills of climbing. After all, before I could consider releasing him back into the wild, I have to know he can survive. Though whenever he went about trying to climb he would go a little and then stop, almost becoming limp, and just stay still. He waved his hand at my hands and every time got his way back into my hands, and eventually when he got in my hands, he buried his face and tried to go to sleep. He had a big day, so I took him back in and warmed up his sock bed and like always, the second he touches the sock bed, he crawls inside and falls asleep without a moment to spare.

So all in all he's doing good, he's only 5 weeks old, and still would be in the nest. Though I'm beginning to wonder if this is ironic. Do I have a flying squirrel afraid of heights?

-August 29th, 2012

One-hundred Forty Three days later he's still part of the family and even has a large hamster-like cage in my room and is still just as attached. Though there were bumps in the road a long the way- though he was more than worth it!

Like I said, if you want a hundred days of stories about how I raised a 5 week old baby flying squirrel into a family member feel free to check out the facebook page.
I would copy and paste every status, but that wouldn't work out the way I want it to.

KraZKat posted on April 03, 2012 at 5:48 AM

First, let's begin with me waking up in an ambulance

It's been awhile since I've been on here, or really posted. So what all has happened in my life since I've last informed you? Haha... well... a lot.

First, let's begin with me waking up in an ambulance (This was a little less than 2 years ago.) I woke up, in nothing but my boxers laying on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. What I felt like was a really nice nap wasn't a nap at all, it was possible that I had died for a few minutes when I was unconscious. Wait... why was I unconscious? Wait... I didn't go to bed... wait... I didn't even get back to my house, I was walking home. Then I am informed I was hit by a car, I later discover after passing out a dozen more times that I was a "probable fatality" Trauma 1 patient. Severe concussion, head split open, my right arm was dislocated, my humerus was shattered on one side, split in half on the other, and I let out pints of blood.

Somehow the entire time I was calm, and at some points I was so doped up on pain meds and blood loss that I thought I was in Halo and I was on Reach and I was just getting medical operations done so I could become a Spartan. I even went as far as looking my mom in the face before she had to leave the room that "Don't worry, Spartans never die." I had a surgery that required a metal plate and 8 pins be placed in my arm, the scar is still there, bulging out. I was out of the hospital in about 3 days with a sling and some Vicodin.

Of course my girlfriend was there, we started dating almost 2 years ago. Shortly before our 2 month "anniversary" I was hit by that car. She was there at the hospital, missed school, and was worried sick and very loving. About 6 months after that I find out she's moving across the country. Despite that, we stayed together. She moved from Texas to Ohio for six months because her dad has this obsession with the south, he has a friend down there, and that's where he cheated on his wife. Over the summer I bought her a plane ticket and had her flown up here to spend a few weeks here. Texas was horrible for her and her family, you can thank the ghetto area they moved to.

After five months her family moved her up here because they weren't going to move yet. So she moved back in December, awesome Christmas present. Now I pack her lunch and make her breakfast everyday, set up my webcam so she can skype with her mom, and have her spend almost everyday at my house. For now she just lives with her aunt and uncle and her family does visit (She has a big family and they set up family days once a month where cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews all come together.)

In other news, I've had my hands tied lately and haven't been able to start or work on any games. What have I been doing? Graphic design. Right after my 18th birthday, I got asked to make a few mock up labels for a liquor company, if they were professional I would be picked for the job of making the label, and I was. I nailed it in fact, and now I am waiting for the government alcohol warnings, nutrition facts, etc to be sent up and I'm going to the label place to make sure the labels can withstand freezing temperatures. But to all of you who like drinking liquor (Multiple varieties of Limoncello,) you can find my design on the bottle you're drinking.

I've been designing posters, labels, websites, you name it. I have 3 periods a day at school in my design class that helps me do just that (not to mention I can work on whatever I want at home) and yeah, lots of design stuff. Usually I'm working on 2-3 projects at a time so it's kept me busy. Luckily, I love doing it.

Finally, two months before I was hit I moved to a new house. It's nice, small, but nice. A great, fenced backyard, a beautiful house, walking distance to school, good neighborhoods. Nothing too exciting there, but yeah, figure I'd mention that.

Anyways, yeah...
A lot has happened since I've been on here. With that said... I'm going to frequently be on here.

KraZKat posted on May 01, 2011 at 6:14 PM


Okay so I am in a Journalism class, and our teacher moved the due date of our project a week earlier, but I need to interview people still!

My topic is video games, are they good or bad?
(more directed at games like Gears of War, GTA IV, MW2, Black Ops, etc- popular yet a little controversial.)

So give some opinions, give stuff worthy of quoting, and if you guys know of where I could find some people against them (Since we all design games, I figure most of us are for them.) that would be great!

How do you feel about video games in popular culture?

Do you think video games are too violent, why?

Do you think violence should be restricted in games, if so, or if not, why?

Should there be stricter age ratings on games, why?

^ Those are some general question that would be great of you to answer for the news story ^

And if you could state your real name with what you say for attribution.