150 lbs nuttap n' Emos

Posted by KraZKat on Sept. 15, 2006, 3:22 p.m.

Well yesterday was a true day to say, Nuttapulaur. Why? Well my Bro-In-Law 'Kevin' has been nut taped by my other bro forever…. yesterday… they are now tied. Why? We were hitting my bro (playing around really) for cussing next to my mom like he learned the words today and lost the ones he learn yesterday, then

Kevin jumps up on the two-seat couch *loveseat*

and my bro was on it, well… Kevin is an athlete and

weighs 150-160 lbs. (Kevin is 20 and My bro Zakk is 18) and Kevin landed on Zakk's nuts. Now not knowing

for anyone who was looking for after 5 LONG SECONDS of standing on his nuts when he jumped

up he fell off the couch…. safely. So we found out

Zakk got nut tapper very bad… and we could not stop laughing… my ribs were hurting from the laughter and I got a cough but now I am fine.

Now for Emos… I hate them. Why? V-Emoz… as

soon as I posted it the frinken people was spawned!

Now my avatar is of me in my new game. Whats one of my favorite parts in this? I go through the story

line and seek revenge on the Emu People… I mean…

Emotional People. Now the game is very beautiful with only a basic engine… but still it rules.


Flea1991 17 years, 10 months ago

Hmm, Flea says pain.

hobomonkeyc 17 years, 10 months ago

I dont like emos better

I like your art in your sig, so im looking forward to this game :)

KraZKat 17 years, 10 months ago


2.) Emo means Eotional Icon, but preps change it to Emotional.

3.) EMo people are Preps who don't want to be labled gothic.

4.) Emos need a life

5.) Part of the games plot is about n00bs and emos