(Spoilers) Legend of Korra - Finale

Posted by LAR Games on Dec. 19, 2014, 5:26 p.m.

If you haven't yet, you can watch it here:


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Wow. That was awesome.

However, I'm incredibly sad that it's over. No more episodes. :(

Also, I know that ending is going to make the shippers more annoying than ever. You can see the beginning of it on a reddit post I made last night after watching the finale.


Welp. Thus begins something much worse than the offseason. The offseries. T_T


Acid 9 years, 5 months ago

You're always into the things I want to get into but never really take the first step to do it.

LAR Games 9 years, 5 months ago

Have you seen Legend of Korra? Or have you not seen either Avatar series?

Because If you haven't seen Avatar: The Last Airbender yet, I really wish I was in your place. Mainly because if you decide to see it, you're in for quite a ride.

JID 9 years, 5 months ago

here's my super unnecessarily long post about the finale

i thought the whole finale was amazingly animated and the fight scenes were incredible.

but.. the writing however was bad imo and disappointed me massively, the amount of loose ends and rushed character development made me overall feel a frustrating amount of disappointment. yeah - i know they had a tight budget, but i feel like this ending would have most likely happened either way, for the most part at least..

the korrasami thing, im not even really worried about. but i feel like the shippers are only concentrating on the fact that that happened and skipping over the obvious loose ends and plots that ultimately didnt even pay off.

like how kuvira suddenly goes from literally being Hitler to saying 'im so sorry, i had a rough childhood. that's why im evil' in a matter of seconds, when she's on the brink of losing. and korra so easily forgives her after she - just mere minutes ago - crushed asami's father to death, tried to kill everyone else - including children multiple times and destroyed half the city while being inside a giant mech that can shoot lasers, LASERS. i really wish that they had given kuvira a bit more backstory in a flashback episode or something if they wanted to make her more humane. but, budget - i guess.

what truly bothered me was the fact no one questioned korra for being so lenient on kuvira after all of that. Asami most of all, her father was just killed and you just let her say 'sorry' and walk away?

also, who was Suyin's father? the creators promised they'd mention both of the fathers of toph's children but i guess they just forgot with so many subplots going on.

also, Bataar jr is another character who seemingly got off easily and suddenly disappeared the second half of the finale which felt like there was no payoff with his character either sadly.

i guess the biggest disappointment of all for me is korra not reconnecting with her past lives or at least creating a NEW avatar cycle or at least doing something with it - but that's led nowhere for the past two seasons, i wouldnt mind the fact that she never reconnected with her past lives if they actually did something with the fact that she cant this season. i dont even think they've even mentioned it in the finale.

also, what happened to the fire nation helping with the war? i know the new firelord said that she'd only help out if kuvira became a global threat, but a giant goddamn mech that could shoot laser beams n shit should make them aware of the fact if she has that much power, she wouldnt just stop at conquering the earth kingdom. but then again, they didnt have much time to respond to that i guess, they probably arrived just after the action was all over for all we know lol

also, the whole negakorra thing was handled pretty poorly, i cant really tell if she got over it by rediscovering Raava or finally confronting Zaheer? you know? it was very unclear. c wat i did thar?

and im so disappointed that sokka left no real lasting impact on the avatar universe after his death :(

whiney-ness aside, i was kind of surprised korrasami even happened, but it became obvious after asami told tenzin that totally bogus story about varrick flying a machine off the roof to get alone with korra.

i actually kind of felt mako/korra getting together would actually make a lot of sense after that last part with both of them talking to each other and him saying 'ill always have your back' for the first time in a while, but nope - lol. i feel like mako has basically become the Yamcha of this series.

but i was largely, LARGELY expecting korra to die saving the world for the finale and introducing a new spiritual age and winding up not being in a relationship with anyone, and the aftermath probably have a time jump showing the world korra has helped create, having a new age of balance and peace not seen before in a long time and then closing with the birth of a new Avatar. that would have made a pretty great bittersweet ending imo and would make the name 'the legend of korra' make a lot more sense. but that's my personal finale, the creators had their own vision and should be proud of it, but i still cant help to feel disappointed.

eh - blame nick i guess, lol

but either way - it was a long, bumpy ride - but a worthwhile one. i loved The Legend of Korra and was probably one of my favorite shows in recent memory, with probably the best soundtrack i've heard in a show. just wish it could have paid off for me in a much more satisfying way.

also, also - that spirit-weapon building-slice shot, holy shit.

LAR Games 9 years, 5 months ago

I agree with you JID. However, I was already expecting it to be rushed when I started watching it. Especially considering how badly Nick's handling of Korra has been.

Regarding the Kuvira thing, I think it makes sense how quickly she opened up. She thought she was invicible. She thought that nobody in the world had the power to stop her since she was in control of (what she thought) to be the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen. Then right before her eyes, the Avatar deflects and controls it WITH HER BARE HANDS.

I think at that point, she was humbled beyond belief. I'm pretty sure that's why she acted the way shes did. It was like the parents reprimanding a child after they did something bad. She knew she had no power over someone like the Avatar.

JID 9 years, 5 months ago

that's an interesting take and makes a lot of sense actually, especially after watching the finale again. i agree for the most part, but it still came off kind of strange and made me cringe/facepalm a little during the whole thing lol

i wasnt expecting korra to kill her or anything, but she suddenly seemed so forgiving - which i wasnt so sure about. i get that they were trying to parallel the aang/ozai forgiveness thing, but i really didnt think it worked as well here imho.

but also, watching the finale again made me realize they should not have ended the show with korra and asami holding hands while at the portal. it made the ending feel a bit abrupt for some reason.

i honestly would have been much more satisfied if they had just left the ending with korra and asami looking at the new spirit portal and just panned the camera upward slowly with some more of that beautiful credits music playing in the background. the whole portal scene they decided to go with for the ending felt kind of forced after watching it again tbh

now the first question that comes to mind is whether they'll see iroh or zaheer after all of that

even with the whole loose ends bit, the finale was a good episode in its own right. but didnt resolve many - if not any of the things i actually wanted to see.

here's to hoping for some comics or perhaps even an animated short/movie that take place after this finale, but that probably will never happen lol

LAR Games 9 years, 5 months ago

I agree that the it should not have ended with Asami and Korra going off into the spirit world together. I actually think that it should have ended right after the scene where Korra and Tenzin are talking. That seemed like a much better place to end it.

I'm also sad that Zuko never got to see his uncle again and that Toph was never seen being a badass.

JID 9 years, 5 months ago

yeah - toph just saying 'sometimes you just have to leave it to the kids' and walking off never to be seen again wasnt what i'd hoped for.

but in all honesty - i couldnt imagine toph actually fighting kuvira, at that point the plot would feel too ridiculous and too fan service-y. but i do wish she would have helped out in a some smaller way in the final episode.

and me saying it should have ended with korra and asami looking at the portal - was just something i thought would make the korra/asami shippers and everyone else happy, because that would imply well enough that they are together - whether it be as friends or a love interest, instead of having them suddenly holding each other's hand out of the blue and staring each other in the eyes as they go to the spirit world.

there was some small buildup to it happening throughout the series, but it would be way more fitting if they realized they wanted to be with each other after they entered the spirit world and actually spent some time together. would have made a great deal of more sense. they barely interacted this entire season to even have feelings that strong for one another.

twisterghost 9 years, 5 months ago

I think its worth noting the importance of the contrast between the ending of ATLA and LOK (spoilers ahead):

Aang started as a nice kid, loving everything there was to love, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Over his journey, he became a bit hardened, and by the end, he was pondering killing someone. Ultimately, he didn't, but close. It was the story of a boy coming of age, and the world molding him to fit, even though he does fight back a bit.

With Korra, she starts off as a…relatively fully fledged avatar. Contrastingly, she is fierce, and fixes most of her problems with "kill it with fire". By the end of book 4, which is aptly titled "Balance", she has gone from a borderline raging maniac to a reserved, thoughtful avatar, and even puts her own life in danger to save her enemy's life. She has become a more balanced person, and ultimately ends up seeing the world very similarly to Aang. She has become balanced.

I think that is proof enough that we don't need more Avatar series. I am still crushed that it is all over, but it shows the cycle from two extremes, and shows how it ends up both ways.

LAR Games 9 years, 5 months ago

Turns out Korrasami is.. canon.