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I like to make games and examples for others to use!

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Meta Chaz posted on March 18, 2007 at 5:32 AM

{MC} Does anyone visit my blog??

Well.... If you see this then leave me a comment and you can have the "Gm Mind Reader" source code sent to you via pm! So leave a comment and if you dont want the gmMindReader.gm6 then just state it in the comment!

Meta Chaz posted on March 14, 2007 at 4:25 AM

{MC} My Projects

Well, I am almost finished with 2 projects that I am working on!
Project 1:
Kill all the ciribots that appear before they escape! With bonuses and stuff! It way funner then it sounds! You have a 60 second time limit too! Coming with online highscores too!(hopefully)
Project 2:
FROGGER(no name)
Just a simple frogger game! Traffic engine is 100% completed with traffic going in bot vertical directions and also 50% of the frogger control engine is done! I am making 2 game modes.. Classic - Arrow Keys(0%) and Modern - Mouse Control(100%)
One of my games "Gm Mind Reader" was accepted today check that out! (link at the bottom of my blog)


Meta Chaz posted on March 13, 2007 at 4:00 AM

{mc} Need your opinion!

Yes, I need the opinion of all you 64diers! As you may know fomr my last blog I am working on a Frogger game! Well, the first beta has been completed! I implemented a movenment system revoling soley around the movement of your mouse and the steadyiness of your hand! Would you rather see a mouse controlled Frogger or a Arrow Key controlled Frogger? Snapped to a grid of course! Today I finished the traffic engine! And I made the main aspect of the game objFrogger! For now the graphics(cars, and frogger) are temporary! Again if your a spriter and would like to make the sprites for this game please leave me a comment or send me a PM.

None for today

Poll: Same question!
What type of Frogger movement!
1.)Mouse movement (x=mouse_x / y=mouse_y)
2.)Snap to grid arrow key movement

Tah Tah,
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