Moikle finally gets an idea for the F4D entry

Posted by Moikle on Dec. 17, 2013, 5:56 p.m.

better late than never, ey?

so I said I would enter the F4D competition, but I haven't made a game in a very long time, and all of the ideas I was coming up with would be incredibly hard to turn into an actual game. until like 10 minutes ago.

so I was looking at how roguelikes such as brogue (an awesome one, go play it now) use the fog of war/memory mechanic for the maps, where the player starts off only being able to see things in their line of sight, and uncovers more of the map by walking about and looking inside all the different rooms. Then I thought about how if I was actually IN a roguelike game, in first person, without a map, I would never be able to remember the previous room, let alone the entire floor (and in many cases, the floors before you too), and how I would be completely LOST. at which point, the title of the competition suddenly struck me in the brain hole. a maze/roguelike game where you slowly forget the areas you have explored. the map starts off black except for what your character can see, and they can uncover things by walking about. the amount of forgetfulness could be changed by certain things, and the levels could have interesting elements such as hidden doors that close when they are out of sight, and the player's memory will show that it was not there before.

here is a diagram:

yeah, so lets get going

oh and by the way, I have recorded more stuff for the Xcom thing, but I am too busy to edit right now