Lets play factorio together :D

Posted by Moikle on Nov. 28, 2016, 6:39 a.m.

So I recently launched my first rocket in factorio singleplayer "Finishing" the game, and now I want to try out multiplayer.

For anyone who doesn't know what factorio is, it is kind of like those minecraft mods that allow you to automate stuff with machines and auto furnaces and such.

Factorio is about managing your resources and designing factories out of assembler buildings and conveyor belts to move those resources around and turn them into useful stuff. It has a beautifully designed gradual climb in complexity that leads you to some really fun stuff. After playing it for a while, you zoom out of your factory and go "oh wow, I just designed that?"

There are also aliens you must defend yourself from

Here is a video of three people playing multiplayer.

factorio is on steam for £15 and in hours played and amount of fun per cost, it is so worth it.


if you have it already, or are brand new, lets get online, pump toxic fumes in the air, deforest the world and genocide the local wildlife together, all in the name of glorious industry!