A Day in the Life 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by NeutralReiddHotel on Oct. 9, 2020, 3:17 p.m.


I had a good time with my buddy, we played Among Us since it’s pretty accessible and I can talk shit about people since my iPad has a cool bluetooth speaker. I’m rewarding myself by taking the night off and chilling with Taco Bell, some local brew, and chilling with my best friend. It’s a good night.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm, of course. It’s 5:40am and I need to get ready for work. As I remember I meditated the night before, I decide it’s a good idea to start the day with another round of meditation. Setting the tone of the day by doing The Good Thing™ Is always a good idea, regardless of how the day actually turns out.

Oh man, am I ready for today. I’m tired, just like our entire generation, because I only slept 5 hours. It may not be as little as those of others, but it’s little enough for me to bitch about it later.

My wife and I are awake. With her nightly schedule, she’s been awake this whole time. She’s getting ready for bed, but also made me breakfast, and coffee, and put lunch together for me and even wrote me a cute little note for me to read at work. I find this out at 9:00pm.

Oh fuck, it’s 1:30pm and I have 6 more hours to go until my shift is over. There has been no downtime today, and I’ve been going on back-to-back calls. People have been _sick_ today, and there has been a lot of them. The hospitals are backed up and keep us waiting because they need to have rooms available before they can take the next patient (see: fuck the people in the lobby) that comes in by Mambelam™ [boo-boo-truck]. Oh, one of the people in a room died, now a Mambelam™ patient gets a room.

[.I am here as I write this, at, 1:35pm.]

It’s now 9pm, and I’m studying the endocrine system. My exam is in 2 weeks, and it covers _a LOT_ of info. So much that I can’t possibly learn it all, but fuck me sideways if I don’t try to. Maaaaaan I really miss working on my game. I tell myself I’ll work on it 10 minutes before bed, and will proceed to not work on it. I have other shit to do; meditate, brush teeth, do dishes. I’m glad my wife helps me with this process.

I am now counting my blessings. I can’t break, I have 15 months left. I’ll try to get my racing mind to relax, because I start the cycle again tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be a calm day, and I can get ahead of homework. Maybe.

TLDR; A pity party, where everyone’s invited.

[The following are paid delusions, sponsored by the Optimistic Foundation™]

A Day in the Life 3

Oh fuck! 64Digits is still around on 2025, sick! Also, I can relax. I may get back into competing for melee, and I dream of traveling around the country to see how good I really am. Best in NM isn’t _too_ bad, and I may be good in other areas. It never hurt to try, right?

Me and my wife want to go to Europe or Japan, I’m so glad this COVID stuff is over. Another one for the history books, but I’m glad we realized we can eradicated stuff if we focus on it. I’m sure glad people got their shit together and just started wearing masks until the vaccine came in. Now we can travel!

My family is doing awesome, they all stayed safe and I’m glad I get to visit them a bunch now. My mom is on her own with my brother, ever since my sister got married. She’s doing okay.

I’m cracking it up here guys, read at your own discretion.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

A cold wind blew through you.

All of your weapons levels are dropped to level 1!

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

Did you know that the man Ousin had a sister? Her name was Dynamite. Like her brother, she possessed delusion levels no person had.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

She always waited for all of those she knew, and never forgot the impression they made on her.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

Even more so than herself.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

As life happens, Dynamite could never adjust anywhere. She never fit it, because when she realized what to do, the environment changed again, and close to nobody understood. Humans are truly never alone.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

Not knowing what to do, Dynamite resigned into a life of solitude. Unpracticed in the art of communication, she burned every Bridge she had at every chance she got. All of those that tried to get close were met with silence and indifference. The people she cared for walked away immediately.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

The person they knew was long gone.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

In isolation, Dynamite could only focus inward, with endless self reflection. Ousin was there, of course, but was unable to communicate. There was nothing he could do. Regardless of how it happened, he could not bring himself to change his own sister.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

Ousin’s real identity was responsible for what happened. For the actions of yesterday always affect the actions of tomorrow. Because of those same actions, Ousin was forced to face his dilemma head-on. The result of an easy life and avoidance of responsibility means he had to bear the ultimate responsibility of all. For as long as Ousin is Aware, he will remember what has happened.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=


=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

As cycles of life repeat, so do memories. These memories will continue to rise up until forgiveness can be achieved.

=+=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+= +=+=+=

That is the power of frustration and guilt. As long as the burden is carried, mistakes can be avoided.

What is 64d without the writings of a madman?