[NAL] 11 Months

Posted by Notalot on Jan. 23, 2015, 3:45 a.m.

I swear to Christ I've been on here at least once a month meaning to do this just for the sake of not having a ridiculous blog title. Although it is an improvement on 22 and 25! Go me! \o/

(and goddamn it I won't have my blog posts ruined by not including the [NAL] on this thing)


Not a bad near-year at all! Maddening Relapse was definitely the standout, getting a little bit of attention thanks to Let's Plays by one of PewDiePie's friends and some Russian bloke I've never heard of but that garners several tens of thousands of views. So no complaints!

I entered several jams as well, creating the games Well Cut Lass (which is sort of shit), Frankenfirearm (sort of shit), Titan Tighten (I hope that one wasn't shit because it fucking won the jam it was entered into!) and Radslaughter.


I made some of them last year. Uh, more than some I guess. DaFont-wise, in 25 Months, I'd made 125 of them, had 3.1 million downloads and was #99 all-time most downloaded. Thanks, past me, for throwing some stats in there! I'm up to 210 fonts now (over 100 made during 2014!), 6.2 million downloads and I'm at #60.

I see them in the wild a little more frequently now, and stumble across albums on Spotify with them in more times than I care to count. Either because I find it interesting or because I'm a vein prick, I keep a Spotify playlist of some of them albums I find with 'em in: spotify:user:nalgames:playlist:4ZeqSbFN3mcVkhRfDBj1xP

Perhaps the most notable "incident" was that of Overdrive Sunset. Dunno if any of you remember this: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/10/22/psn-advert-written-using-sunset-overdrives-font Basically though, PlayStation Store featured a promotion which used the typography identical to the Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Ahem, that font might have been my doing. <.< >.>


Speaking of Sunset Overdrive, GOTY 2014! \o/ Absolutely adored that bastard. It's the only reason I got an Xbox One, having preordered both PS4 and Wii U before it, and it was worth it for that alone. Really hoping for a sequel on that one. Or Insomniac could just bring back Overstrike. I'm not willing to live with Fuse.

Second place would be Pokémon ORAS - I played it enough that I had a go at finishing a "Living Pokédex" (one of every Pokémon owned, so for instance you need three Charmanders so you can evolve two of them up to Charmeleon and Charizard). I succeeded, and finished it! Since then I've been racking up tens of hours shiny hunting while watching the WWE Network. Between OR and X, both of which I have the shiny charm in now, I have shiny versions of: Crustle, Cinccino, Bellossom, Spinda, Empoleon, Manectric, Exploud, Medicham, Electrode, Shuppet, Zigzagoon x2 (sigh), Camerupt, Emolga, Pikachu, Corsola, Weepinbell, Arbok, Gligar, and Murkrow.

And third place? Watch_Dogs. Because fuck you, I adored the shit out of that game!

Anyways, still at YoYo Games and it's still growing! Been cool to actually bother doing a blog again. I'll get around to doing another one some time in the distant future maybe!

See y'all!


Toast 6 years, 4 months ago

I remember the Sunset Overdrive thing, was pretty funny. Small world

Castypher 6 years, 4 months ago

I really wanted to play Sunset Overdrive but ended up getting a PS4 instead of an XBOne. I've been playing a bit of Destiny and The Last of Us: Remastered. The Last of Us is such a fantastic game, and I'm glad to see that both Naughty Dog and Insomniac are still alive and doing great. They were a big part of my childhood.

I cleared the Delta Episode of ORAS but haven't played much past there. I haven't gotten a single shiny (that wasn't handed out), and the only one I've ever found was brutally taken from me. I spent twenty hours grinding safaris in X, with absolutely no turnout. Meanwhile I've got a friend who sends Snapchats of her shiny captures almost ten times a week.

Also, what's your name on DaFont? I'll look you up next time I'm there.

Notalot 6 years, 4 months ago

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to both R&C and Uncharted 4, and concur it's awesome to see two companies so instrumental in my interest in gaming still not just alive but bringing out some of the best games of today!

I must admit I've spent too much time shiny grinding (probably 100 hours between X and OR since OR came out), although after a day at work I'm normally only in the mood to stick some TV on. So that grinding goes with that perfectly. If you do want a shiny encounter, the Friend Safari is quite reliable. Get a Pokémon with Sweet Scent like Combee, stand in the tall grass and just keep using Sweet Scent to trigger instant encounters. If you can get a Shiny Charm (requires complete National Dex excluding event-exclusives), hordes are even better - Sweet Scent forces horde encounters where they're possible, bringing the chance of each encounter having a shiny down from 1/512 in the Friend Safari to around 1/280. Fuck I'm sad haha

And I'm NAL or Andrew McCluskey on DaFont :)

Alert Games 6 years, 4 months ago

Congrats on the exposure it sounds like things are going well! I learned that I am about the same age as you are but I have a lot less productions released… i suppose each of my projects are usually pretty ambitious so there is that.

If you had to pick one new generation console of the 3 to own, which would you choose?

Notalot 6 years, 4 months ago

Difficult call, all of them have arguments for and against! I'd suggest Wii U has the best selection of games CURRENTLY but will be eclipsed in the (near?) future by PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 is an excellent, solid game-playing machine and probably the most powerful of the three, although if that's your only interest a solid PC would be a better option. And Xbox One has Sunset Overdrive and a bunch of funky non-game stuff, such as the ability to watch TV or anything through the HDMI in while also playing games. I have my Amazon Fire TV plugged into it, which pretty much allows anything to be done simultaneously with game playing.

For me personally, I think I'd go Xbox One, but I'd be happy with any of them. As someone that grew up almost exclusively playing PlayStation, it pains me to say that - especially as good as the PS4 is. But the multitasking mixed with some excellent exclusives has to win out!