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Notalot posted on March 01, 2019 at 6:05 PM

29 Months

One minute you're posting to 64digits in 2016 regretting that you left it a year and a half, next thing you know it's 2019, you've managed to leave it TWO AND A HALF years, the entire site is completely different, and you're legally recognised as a woman. Life is weird.

ANYWAY, I'm glad to see 64digits lives on. This place always gives me a burst of nostalgia every time I visit - it's about the only place that still exists from when I was starting up as a GameMaker user (in 2003) and I still am one - from GameMaker 5.0 to GameMaker Studio 2. From Web 2.0 to Web Ooh point No. From working to providing an error if you even look at it funny.

In the 29 months since I last posted here, Notalot has changed. (I will always cherish that joke.) I've made a few games, including:
- NAL Is Alive, which took 130-odd of my free games and bundled them up with some HD enhancements and threw them with a launcher on Steam
- Gossamer Girls, a free thing where you gad around hurting spiders with their own silk
- Soundproof Cell, another free thing that took a sincere look at being transgender about two years before I was ready to actually come out
- Britskrieg, where the Queen instructs me and three of my friends to take over the world in the name of Britain

Ooh, and Ne Touchez Pas 5 comes out tomorrow - a series that originally got some really pleasing reception here on 64Digits. It's been nine years since Ne Touchez Pas 4, and tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of Ne Touchez Pas 3, so the fifth was long overdue. But it reminded me how much I love the series. Although NTP5 is paid, it will only be $1/60p, and will be free-to-keep over this weekend on and Game Jolt since it was more a hobby project as a break from fonts, which still provide my primary income now.

Speaking of fonts, I had made about 360 when I last posted on 64Digits. That number has literally doubled, with me and Dan's company, Chequered Ink, having 879 fonts at time of writing under our belts.

And, uh, yeah! That's definitely everything that's happened in my life. Nothing else to mention.

To those of you that are still here, to those of you that are like me in occasionally checking the URL for a burst of old-school GameMaker nostalgia, and to those of you that have joined since I was last a regular - hello, you're awesome, and I probably remember you even if it's been a decade since we last spoke. I'm a frequent reliver of old memories.

See you again in the future. 😄

Notalot posted on October 20, 2016 at 10:33 PM

18 Months


Hello! It's been an eventful 18 months, so it's nice to come back and see good old 64Digits still here, still toodling along, serving not only as a fun community but also as one of the last remaining hits of nostalgia for the mid-noughties GameMaker scene I grew up with. (I know GameMaker Games is still technically up, but bless it, you don't have to do much on it now before you wander face first into a site-breaking bug.)

So... recap!

==> YoYo Games

After five years and a month, I resigned as a game developer at YoYo Games. This was partly due to the direction the company seemed to be taking - nothing against it, but Playtech's uses for the company and a person in my job description were far removed from what I wanted to do. It was also partly so I could go full time indie.

==> Chequered Ink

is the name of the company I then formed with my friend, former work colleague and fellow deserter, Dan Johnston. We make games, he makes websites, I make fonts - basically the same as I was doing both with YYG and casually in the meantime. But commercial!

==> Innoquous 5

was released in August 2015, after I had spent the year preceding it making it while at YYG, all the while as a possible first moneymaker on my departure. Released that to and IndieGameStand. It did okay.

==> Won't You Be My Laser?

was released in January 2016. A much smaller game, with a one-dollar price tag to match. I did release a couple of other free games between Innoquous 5 and Won't You Be My Laser?, but one was a cipher crossword application and one was a game in which you murdered Teletubbies and stole their custard, so they need not be mentioned further.

==> NAL Is Dead

was also released in January 2016, following a 47-page ebook I wrote along with it taking longer to write than I wanted it to. NAL Is Dead contained everything I ever made as NAL between March 2003 and August 2015. That's 130 games - along with about 90 WIP builds, the 220 fonts I released under the same pseudonym, and the aforementioned PDF documenting the history with fun facts and stuff.

==> Steam

It took 7 months, but Innoquous 5 was Greenlit on Steam around April 2016, and released on May 13th 2016, a date chosen because it was the five-year anniversary of Innoquous 4's release.

About a week after its release, NAL Is Alive (NAL Is Dead but with remastered games, a launcher, and more Steam stuff like global leaderboards) was Greenlit too. And shortly following that, WYBML made it as well! Released WYBML at the start of last month, NIA is a long, LONG project that is still under construction.

==> Tick Tick Pass

A game I started in mid-2015 with no intentions to release it, TTP is a multiplayer game I made purely to amuse myself, Dan (now my colleague) and Darrell (also a YYG employee of the time we lived with) on a Friday night when we were pouring alcohol into ourselves. To summarise, TTP presents you with a category, eg "Tom Cruise films", and you take it in turns to fill in a valid answer - if you can't get one, you're out.

That's still in development alongside NIA, and is currently sitting on Greenlight slowly amassing votes.

==> Miscellaneous Gamedev

Innoquous 5 has also been OKed by Microsoft for release on Xbox One - Dan's looking at that, but I'm looking forward to it!

==> Fonts

The fonts are still coming out thick and fast. On top of the 220 released under NAL, I've released ~140 so far under Chequered Ink.

I've started to see them a lot more in public too - since the last blog entry, Flo Rida used one on his EP "My House", WWE used one for the Cruiserweight Classic graphics, the Derren Brown's Ghost Train ride at Thorpe Park uses one extensively, PBS used one extensively in a special, and yet another one is going to be used on a lot of set design for a fairly huge upcoming film!

It's still weird.

==> Miscellaneous Gaming

I'm self employed, so I've been getting a silly amount of gaming done. I've completed most games of personal interest that have come out in that year:

Fallout 4 (over 300 hours into that bad boy, platinumed)
Ratchet & Clank '16 (three times, platinumed)
Batman: Arkham Knight (activated Knightfall)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (**** you Robomodo)
Just Cause 3 (ok, didn't finish the story, it sucked. but took over all the territories!)
The Witness (no piss jar required)
Uncharted 4 (*drool*)
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (loved it)
inFamous: Second Son (for the second time, and platinumed)
Bully (PS4, for the fifth time, and platinumed)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (want to platinum but the no-alarms trophy can GTF)

Also played a ton of Rock Band 4, WWE 2K16, Guitar Hero Live, nearly finished Tearaway: Unfolded, started Mafia III but kind of fell asleep a bit, and I've gone through and replayed most of the Professor Layton sextillogy.

I've also been outside the house and socialised a few times, so get me!

==> Miscellaneous

I can't shake off the massive tech erection and the blinding impatience I've had for the past eight hours. Bloody Nintendo Switch. One day I will have you, and I will have a Pokémon game on you, and I will dream about you, sleep with y...


How are all of you? I've done a lot of talking, I've covered pretty much everything, and I miss y'all.

And I got the motivation to come back and write this blog because I was reminded of Another Day In The Life Of Bob, a game that essentially screams 64digits to me.

Until next ye... uh... time.

Notalot posted on April 13, 2015 at 9:04 PM

PC Master... Eugh

Until last month, I was pretty much exclusively a console gamer. I have a competent laptop that could play most stuff, excluding newer AAA games and several other "heavy" games (even then it was mainly just the laptop overheating that prevented play and not the power of the system).

There are a multitude of reasons. The main one is that I'm a sucker for convenience - being able to buy a game and know it just works (albeit now with a probably install time, grrr) is wonderful. Another one is that I've always enjoyed collecting physical copies of games and having a nice long line of them all looking good together, where PC games come in a variety of physical formats. Also, couch co-op is a must for me.

Last month, I decided to totally finish the living room collection with a relatively beefy PC. It sits near my Xbone, PS4, Wii U, RetroN 5 and several older ones as well all ready to feed me games on the one TV. OPINION TIME LADS

Like: The cross-generation games. I would kill for the Xbone and/or the PS4 to be backward-compatible, but that's a concept dead in the water. But on PC, I have one system that can play games I've loved from many different generations, including many of my PS2 favourites. Seriously, not having to swap systems or controllers and being able to play Worms Blast and Burnout Paradise from the same system is beautiful.

Like: Better couch co-op than I was anticipating. I love just how many games have surprised me with their total ability to plug in 3 Xbox 360 controllers and have three-player sessions with zero effort.

Like: Obscure shit. Gang Beasts is insane fun. Mount Your Friends is good. Loads of these weird-ass games that never turned up on consoles are great fun, cheap as hell, just awesome.

Like: That it's Windows. Which means that I can play my games in the living room. I can play other people's games in the living room. Me and my mates can spend time on Sporcle, or Google Feud, or basically any website without having to use disgusting piles of shit like that filthy PS4 browser... thing.

Dislike: Steam can be a pain in the dick. I tend to use Big Picture mode so I can put the keyboard and mouse to one side. Now, Steam has a system I believe is only in BP that shows you whether a game is entirely playable with a controller or not. And it's wrong as fuck. 90% of the games listed as K+M only work perfectly with a controller (some even popping up that a controller is RECOMMENDED to play them). And a couple listed as controller-friendly totally are not. Drunken Robot Pornography was literally K+M only, and some games are clearly not designed for controllers.

Dislike: As I expected, a lot of stuff is a bit more of a faff. I guess it's the system being freer to develop for than a console, but it's irritating having to do a pass of every new game I play to get them fullscreen, 1080p, high settings etc. And there's a mess of wires protruding from the tower's USBs - keyboard, mouse, up to 3 controllers... yeah I could fix this by getting wireless ones, but then it's a bunch of stuff I have to either charge or keep a supply of batteries for.

Like: ...but then SOME things are LESS of a faff! Going back to PS2-era games like Worms Blast and Mashed, I now don't need to make sure we have two DualShock 2s and a valid memory card, I just run em off Steam and they're there with everything else.

Dislike: I really do wish that EVERYTHING was on Steam. I have Steam installed and over half of the 460-ish games I've arbitrarily accumulated over the years installed, so that's most stuff. But then goddamn ruddy Origin has The Sims 4. And the worst thing of all is the number of games I'd love to revisit that don't have ANY presence on ANY digital stores. I'm looking at the Tony Hawk's series (I tried THPS HD. I did not want). I'm looking at The Sims 1. I would fork £30 over for Tony Hawk's Underground, which had a PC release, but I either get a pre-owned disc copy or I'm SOL.

Dislike: Also, Steam is full of early access shite.

Like: But if you wade through it, the selection of games massively trumps any of the other systems.

Neutral: Graphics. I've yet to really play something that could trump the graphics the PS4 and Xbox One can do, and it's not really why I bought the PC. I'll stick to YouTube videos of GTA IV mods for my graphical "cor, nice!" fix. Next Car Game/Wreckfest was quite perdy though.


I'm going to stick to consoles for most AAA games, at least for my "main playthrough". The convenience is still there! PC will probably be more for revisiting games, GTAV (because 3DTV and I'm a sucker as I've been through before), and those odd games that only take a few hours to finish but are really good fun bitesize games. I've already finished Grow Home, Fez, and DLC Quest, and am presently eyeing up Portal 2, Deus Ex: HR and Burnout Paradise for replays, and several others for new games to play. Including Hell Yeah.

Fuck the PC Master Race, Disposable Income Bastard Owning Everything And Is Basically A God Gamer is where it's at \o/