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Scary4Digits 2014 Theme Assignments

by RC

Posted on September 13, 2014 at 5:03 PM

We're just 1 week away from the start of S4D14, so to give everyone who has already signed up enough time to brainstorm I am releasing everyone's 3 randomly chosen themes.

Kilin - Instability, Possession, Madness hel - Illusion, Hunted, Macabre colseed - Taboo, Emptiness, Illusion Nopykon - Underground, Imperfect, Macabre Zac1790 - Illusion, Haunting, Deprived Senses Ferret - Black Magic, Brokenness, Haunting Iasper - Haunting, Omniscient, Alone JNyknn - Omniscient, Disaster, Illusion Mega - Possession, Brokenness, Machines kakaru - Emptiness, Grotesque, Instability littlebear - Underground, Detention, Alone Moikle - Possession, Illusion, Macabre Toast - Hunted, Abandoned, Madness Acid - Reanimate, Abandoned, Grotesque Mairu - Taboo, Hunted, Brokenness death - Invasion, Alone, Brokenness BretHudson & jaredc - Underground, Disaster, Reanimate frankie - Ruthless, Possession, Detention JID - Madness, Illusion, Alone eagly - Haunting, Deprived Senses, Machines SpectreNectar - Underground, Illusion, Instability Deleted - Abandoned, Possession, Macabre LoserHands - Alone, Madness, Imperfect LAR Games - Machines, Disaster, Emptiness TacoBotProductions - Deprived Senses, Forbidden, Ruthless ToadieTechnika - Deprived Senses, Emptiness, Haunting MelonYoshi - Emptiness, Madness, Machines stevekb - Shadows, Detention, Reanimate Charlie Carlo - Haunting, Brokenness, Emptiness alexsink - Machines, Alone, Reanimate Jawchewa - Grotesque, Abandoned, Imperfect Rez - Hunted, Abandoned, Shadows ViKing Games - Illusion, Macabre, Imperfect Yaru - Underground, Grotesque, Imperfect blaze157 - Underground, Hunted, Reanimate Kenon - Decay, Instability, Disaster detective - Deprived Senses, Taboo, Emptiness JoshDreamland - Brokenness, Alone, Possession Kasmilus - Machines, Grotesque, Forbidden GameCarpenter - Reanimate, Abandoned, Underground jacklehamster - Grotesque, Ruthless, Alone gordy - Ruthless, Omniscient, Illusion Cosine - Brokenness, Machines, Deprived Senses nap - Abandoned, Disaster, Decay ISODEV - Decay, Invasion, Alone seejay - Black Magic, Instability, Omniscient quaz3l - Macabre, Possession, Illusion gekido - Emptiness, Possession, Shadows informiac 5 - Madness, Illusion, Alone pizzadude223 & Supercannon: - Detention, Black Magic, Reanimate Oana - Shadows, Invasion, Instability Ayanami0 - Underground, Detention, Haunting nothin - Deprived Senses, Emptiness, Black Magic hdiff - Ruthless, Grotesque, and Illusion SkidRunner - Brokenness, Machines, Possession TheDanAffair & Wrew - Hunted, Underground, Taboo 3dorange - Alone, Black Magic, Instability e5652450 - Invasion, Detention, Grotesque PythianLegume - Abandoned, Underground, Ruthless Purianite & Rofflesia - Black Magic, Deprived Senses, Imperfect Citsua - Haunting, Possession, Omniscient Rictus - Invasion, Decay, Illusion Jasmine - Illusion, Shadows, Haunting ChessMasterRiley - Grotesque, Disaster, Machines mataguiris - Brokenness, Emptiness, Madness Elpupas7 - Forbidden, Instability, Haunting katanalevy - Imperfect, Detention, Taboo armaldio - Decay, Hunted, Shadows xthemecore - Alone, Ruthless, Reanimate Othros - Forbidden, Alone, Black Magic thehood - Alone, Shadows, Hunted
Any new participants to sign-up will still be assigned 3 themes at random, so it's still not too late to enter!

NOTE: You are not permitted to start work on your entry until the September 20th start date.