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Retro_Killer posted on March 16, 2006 at 7:15 PM

I got a little bored and made myself a little portfolio for myself to showcase my creations. It has some projects, a few creations, a contact page and a sexy layout.

What do you think? Any good?

Retro_Killer posted on March 12, 2006 at 12:16 PM


Welll, just joined up on 64D

What can I say? I got up this morening and whitin 2 minutes my mum was yelling at me that I only have like 24 hours to get to shool. And I have to write a whiole essay (1000) words ready for school. YAI. I worked on it for a little while then got really bored.

Shakespeare.... Othello. It's all a bunch of words that comes to an ending of everyone being killed. Even the ones who were inocent/hardly in the play. Sucks and I also have an Exam on it for my GCSE's...

I can't wait...

So ermm, I was also making a game last night. Dunno what to call it. Maybe Zombie Nation or something. It's just a little top down shooter where you have to shoot all of the zombies.

It's not to good right now. Just have the movement on the zombies. The player can move and shoot. Also the zombies ASPLODE! Buts and blood fall to the floor then fade. Yeah, I love alpha too.

Went round my mates yesterday too. We played Halo for about 4 hours straight. Pizza, Pepsi and Halo. What more could you want on a Saturday afternoon? I still suck at it though. Even after 4 hours of non stop gaming. A couple more of them turned up aboiut 2 hours of deathmatches. 4 player deathmatches rules. Although Chris keeps driving the Jeep vehicle into me and squashing me. I need to buy myself an X-Box.

Yeah, X-Box or 360? I dunno, I am a boy of natural interest of looking good. What other poeple like I like. Haha...

Blah Blah Blah...

Just created and made my new banner.
Dunno what you think of it, I just made it to get rid of the default one.

PhotoshopCS. About 10 minutes. Sexi :O