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Rolf_Soldaat posted on November 12, 2011 at 9:19 PM

The Shenanigans fund: Skyrim

I consider myself a great fan of Cesque's "Shenanigans" blog series, as I am sure many others do. Considering the hilarity of the Oblivion Shenanigans, I thought that Skyrim would make an excellent entry in the series. But alas, it seems that Cesque lacks the means to (legally) acquire a copy of Skyrim. Being much inclined towards acquiring games legally myself, I came to the idea of setting up a donation fund for the purpose of supplying Cesque with a copy of the aforementioned game.

You will find a paypal donation button below, please use this button to contribute to the continued existance of the Shenanigans series.

Progress: 26,22/49,99 euros

Rolf_Soldaat posted on November 01, 2011 at 2:17 PM

Scary 4 Digits vote review

In this blog entry I will be reviewing some of the games submitted to the Scary 4 Digits competition.
Unfortunately I was unable to finish my own game due to being a lazy fuck.

Though I have played all of the entries, with the exception of two that required me to install crap (sorry), I will only be reviewing the ones I voted for plus some honorable mentions.

So here we go (in ascending order).

4th vote:
Hell Awaits, by Rob While frustrating at first, with somewhat unfair combat, I feel that this game really redeems itself in the later levels. The lighting effects are nifty and add a lot to the atmosphere.

3rd vote:
Darling Springs, by Rez With its gorgeous backgrounds, stylish sprites and a thrilling reloading mechanism, this game appeared to be an instant winner. However, a large amount of small annoyances caused me to drop it down to 3rd place. The pop-out enemies are kinda cheap, and the frustrating platforming element felt really out of place.

2nd vote:
The Field and the Tower, by Cesque and sirXemic Simple, short and surprisingly fun, this game has some real style.
The action is well paced and the low-poly graphics look great. I have only two complaints: First, The first section could do with a little more variety,
Second, I really wish the game was longer.

1st vote:
The Last Halloween, by Death The atmosphere in this game is spot on. The charming low-rez graphics make it look and feel like a classic adventure game. Though simple, the combat is well balanced. My only real issue is that the comtrols are a little clunky, especially concerning the ramps.

Honarable mentions:

Little Witch Sayuri-chan, by Purianite, Kilin and RoffleWafl
Saga of the Ugly 2, by Orange08 and Bret Hudson
Both these games were fun and well polished. However, I feel that the Halloween/Horror theme is a bit absent.

Operator, by zac1780 This game deserves a mention for actually creeping me out. My problem with this game is that I don't actually find it fun to play, which is something I consider essential to any game, regardless of genre.

Rolf_Soldaat posted on May 27, 2008 at 6:38 PM

Do you know UR?

Of course you don't, but try anyway.
The first (and therefore hardest) Undead Rampage quiz!

I'll be picking up work on UR soon, right after my pc gets fixed.
It needs a new video card, which will cost me (read: my dad) 150 euro's.
I've been told by an expert that as it is now, my pc could burst into flames at any moment, so I'd rather not use it.

Meanwhile I'll be working on a sniper game with online multiplayer.
There will be assassinations, and parcour.

In other news, GMclans has started work on a forum-wide game featuring the representations of a bunch of active forum members.
The genre is still being decided on, let's just hope it will be something doable rather than a rts or SSB-type fighting game(*stab*).
I'm currently working out the design for my character, which will be pretty much a badassefied verion of my future self.