Posted by Ronnica on March 13, 2011, 5:34 p.m.

My life is a fairy tale. Somewhat. Unfortunately.

My evil mother keeps me locked away from the world. I can't look outside with out her watching over my shoulder. She guards me for fear I'll end up becoming something possibly greater than she is. She's not an idiot, though she's made me into one. I don't know how to survive without her rules, though I desperately want to be free of them.

Unlike a fairy tale, I don't want to be rescued by someone. I don't want to mooch off a hero and be indebted to them forever. Mostly because I'm not worth that much. Also because I want to be able to do something myself. There's nothing wrong with getting a little bit of help, but it stops after you put your two cents in.

Hero, if you're coming for me, don't.

I can't do this anymore.