I wanna be a princess because they're younger than queens

Posted by Ronnica on May 11, 2011, 9:19 p.m.

Hey I'm Alex, Veronica's cousin! Last time I blogged I was 10 , and now I'm 11!

Veronica's going through a mid life crisis, so I am blogging for her. I am finally not sore from track and field! For me track and field is on Mondays, Tuesday's and Thursday's. But tomorrow I don't have track and field because the grade 6's are going camping so the teachers will be gone. Right now I suck at long jump. High jump I'm good at shot put I'm good at and I'm good at everything else except for long/ triple jump, but I am the best at sprinting!

The reason why I'd rather be a princess than a queen is because I'm young compared to some people and I still wanna be young, so I'd rather be a princess!

My favorite color is still blue/aqua… well and magenta. What's your favorite color? Be creative.

My punctuation got bettter do you like it?

Have a great day!


JID 13 years ago

Maybe you shouldn't post here, there are a lot of pervs on this site.

You'll be safe with me, I'll protect you.

*slowly walks closer*

Edit: Smart edit. You didn't mention before that you was 11…. *backs away quickly*

Also, your grammar seems fine to me.

S3xySeele 13 years ago

Your punctuation is much better than the average internet user's. Impressive for 11.

MMOnologueguy 13 years ago

You can be a queen at eleven. Just ask my good fr - oh fuck it I'm not posting pedobear.

Ronnica 13 years ago


Quit being creepy guys.


@ JID : Thanks but I can protect myself

@ S3xySeele : Thank-you

@ MMORPGguy : I don't what to say to u

none of you guy's told me what your favorite color was.

JID 13 years ago

Eh, my favorite color?

Probably red or blue, I guess.

firestormx 13 years ago

People's favorite colour should be black.

You write very well for an 11 year old. I'm disappointed you're not 10 though. 10 is a general age that you can claim things about. "A 10 year old told me I should cut my hair like David Beckham".

.trihs a gniraew ton er;93#&uoy ekil skool cip eht taht deciton sah eno on dalg m;93#&I

Ronnica 13 years ago




well I am wearing a shirt, but I'm wearing a purple shirt though.

JID 13 years ago

lol @fsx

It took me like 3 minutes to figure out what that backwards message says.

firestormx 13 years ago

Alex: That makes me wonder if you have a purple face. o_o

colseed 13 years ago

Red brown orange blue yellow green white gray

So I'm a little color indecisive. plz no sue