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Okay, so as we've established, I've been away for a while. I was still around reading blogs now and then, but I took a seriously long break from writing any. Well, anything, really. I usually have a notebook somewhere to write down random thoughts, ideas and doodles but I couldn't even do that. So, THIS is my first attempt at writing anything since last year.


The sun was absolutely set when the ships reached the middle of the lake. The moon was bright white and seemed three times bigger with its reflection on the water just as magnificent. The ships creaked as the crews hoisted the sails, and dropped anchors.

Romana looked over the edge of the ship and gazed in awe at the moon’s reflection. Questions gathered and piled in her young mind, inspired by the view before her. The other children were playing, running around and laughing but Romana couldn’t bring her imagination to rest. Her older brother, Madec walked to her side.

“It’s incredible, isn’t it?â€? he asked, leaning over the edge to look at the dark pool below them.

“Yes… why does it look like that?â€?

“They say it’s caught in the middle of magic. Usually when the moon is close, the water rises and waves are formed, making the oceans and other bodies of water unsafe. Once in a while, the moon will get close, but it does the opposite of that. The waters are unnaturally calm and low so we sail out onto the lake to see the moon. It’s dangerously close, but nothing is happening. It’s like magic.â€?

She thought about that in silence for a while. The moon large and close, but the water is low, still and calm. It could be magic, but we study magic at school. This doesn’t seem all that enchanting…

“How hard can it be to cast a spell to make the water calm? The Serenity families are descendants of water Gods. I’m sure they could calm waters whenever they wanted.â€?

Her brother chuckled, “It’s not that easy. It’s probably the water Gods who make the water still while the moon is close so living beings can see the moon like this. It’s a gift. It unites the worlds.â€?

“Unites the worlds?â€?

The other children had overheard the conversation and were filled with questions of their own. Princess Meako asked, “What other worlds are there? We didn’t learn that in school yet.â€?

“There’s a whole legend about it, about this very lake too! There was a man who tripped and fell off his boat into the lake while he was looking at the moon. Instead of resurfacing, he fell deeper into the water and disappeared. His crew were the last people to see him. For twenty years at least.â€?

“Then what happened?â€? asked Kia.

“Then twenty years later, when the people came out on the ships to look at the moon, they heard a cry for help. They saw a man in the water waving at them. His crew was on their ship that day, and recognized him right away. They pulled him out and celebrated. When they asked what happened, all the man could say was he fell out of the sky onto another world. He spent the next 20 years trying to find his way back.â€?

Prince Mattox chimed in, “In five years’ time he wrote books about his adventure, and how he returned. Everyone was excited to read them but were shocked when the man took the only existing five copies of his book, sailed on the lake while the moon was caught in magic, and dumped them into the water. When asked why he did it, he said it was to help anyone else who was fortunate enough to fall onto another world.â€?

Intrigued, they all looked and leaned over the edge to see the moon’s reflection, and possibly signs of another world. The water stayed calm and silent. The only sounds were those of the ship’s crew and their parents discussing the same view.

Romana’s mind kept wandering. Another world? Falling from the sky? The moon caught in magic? Hypnotized by the stealth of the water, she held her arm out, reaching with her fingers just to touch the surface.

“Get away from the edge!â€? shouted General Vhy at the children. They were severely startled and Meako let out a little yelp. They stepped away from the side of the boat turning to apologize to the worried parents.

“No one is to lean over the edge! The waters are calm, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe!â€? the general said. He was Romana and Madec’s father.

“Golten! Don’t startle the children. You could have caused an accident.â€? said their mother.

As her parents began to argue, she noticed the crew preparing to lift anchor and head back for land. Her little sister, Lilly began crying while her littlest sister, Ronnie slept soundly. Madec had gone to comfort the crying one.

Prince Mattox walked over to the edge and looked down. “It’s not so scary while the water’s calm.â€?

“Maybe that’s to trick people into falling in!â€? noted Kia.

“There’s nothing dangerous about falling into a calm lake.â€? argued Mattox.

“But you said it yourself about the man falling in.â€? argued Meako.

“It’s only legend! There’s another story about the man hitting his head when he fell in, and lost his memory. He regained it twenty years later, saw the boats and called for help. He could have just made the whole thing up.â€?

“If it’s safe, then why don’t YOU touch it?â€? Romana suggested to Mattox.

“If I fall in, I’ll ruin my uniform. Why don’t YOU touch it, Romana? If you think you’re so brave and all.â€?

Romana considered it for a second, then nodded. She wore her formal uniform as well, and her backpack of belongs but she wouldn’t let the prince have satisfaction thinking he was the only brave one.

“I’ll touch the water, but you guys have to take a step back so no one can push me in.â€?

The others agreed, took a step back, and watched as she climbed up on railing that kept the passengers from the water. She got on her stomach and laid along the railing and faced the water. She stared at the moon’s reflection for a moment before reaching out to it. Behind her, she could feel her friends watching her every move while her parents continued discussing things with the other parents. The crew had lowered the sails and waited for the wind to pick up to get them moving.

Romana held her breath as she reached with all her might to the water. As she held out her hand to lake, she could see it rising. Her fingertips managed to graze the top of the moon’s reflection. The water was cool on her fingers, and the ripples distorted the moon’s composed form.

“Ha! I touched it!â€?

Before anyone could reply, a strong wind pushed against the sails with such force that the ship jerked forward, knocking everyone off balance, including Romana.

There was confusion until Princess Meako was heard screaming, “She fell in! Romana is in the water! Help her!â€?

Everyone rushed to the side to see her splashing her way to the surface, but only for a moment. The crew was looking for rope, her parents called to her, and her friends looked on in horror. Romana could feel herself sinking under the surface through no fault of her own. She fought the pull of what she thought was the moon taking her under.

“I’ll get her!â€? Madec said, throwing off his shoes, ready to jump in only to be stopped by his father.

“If it’s pulling her, it will take you too!â€?

“We found rope!â€? a crew member rushed over with a long strand of rope and threw it overboard to Romana.

“Grab the rope!â€? she could hear them calling from above.

She opened her eyes in the water and could see it right above her. As she reached for it, she felt her fingers pass through it. The most astonishing feeling of falling from an incredible height was filling her body. The shapes and shadows of the ship and the passengers disappeared into a cloud, and she fell further away from it. She looked below her and saw earth coming up faster and faster. The surface of the lake transformed into sky. Afraid of the upcoming impact, Romana curled into a ball and covered her head. Goodbye…

SPLAT!! lol idunno



colseed 12 years, 1 month ago

SPLAT!! lol idunno
wait wha

Rez 12 years, 1 month ago

Ronnica 12 years, 1 month ago

@ colseed : It's just embarrassing sharing a fiction styled story because I never do fantasyish-fiction. That's my silly way of keeping everyone in suspense!

@ Cyrus : >_<

@ Rez : XD

firestormx 12 years, 1 month ago

I skimmed after a little while too…Then I kept seeing "rope", and thought it was "rape", then I got to the bottom and read "splat", and I was like "well, looks like the moon got the happy ending it needed".

Now I'm inspired to write stories of celestial bodies raping and drowning small children that still believe in magic.

Ronnica 12 years, 1 month ago

You're so awesome, Fsx

Castypher 12 years, 1 month ago

Hey, you were serious about this. YOU FUCKING RIPPED OFF MY IDEAS. When can we expect a chapter 2?

I'd do the same, but:

1) Everyone would tl;dr

2) I'd need criticism, but people would just say "cool" (looking at you, Juurian)

3) Nobody would read it because I'm not a girl

I'll be honest though, you may have been a little too far up front with the idea, so it was obvious what would happen (and I remember you telling me), so maybe you could enshroud it a bit?

Glad to see you found your inspiration. Now give it to me.

firestormx 12 years, 1 month ago

Nobody would read it because I'm not a girl
You're the only one who has even implied that they have read the full thing. =P

Ronnica 12 years, 1 month ago

Well it's kids being stupid. I wasn't trying to hide the consequences of child's play.

Castypher 12 years, 1 month ago

You're the only one who has even implied that they have read the full thing. =P
I expected that, to which I answer that I've read several other users' postings, including Rez, who, I'm pretty sure, is not a girl.

leemcd56 12 years, 1 month ago