Posted by Ronnica on March 16, 2012, 11:48 p.m.

The silly girl leans her forehead on yours and looks at you with adoring eyes. Mesmerized by your dark eyelashes and eyebrows, she smiles, delighted to be in your presence. You’re simply incredible to her. She bites her lip softly as you take her hand into yours. She blushes gently at first, then more forcibly as you begin to run your fingers through her hair. Blushing makes her eyes water with embarrassment. She turns away to reach for a tissue on the bedside table, but you turn her face back to you, and wipe a tear off her cheek with your hand. She’s not sure what to do, and too shy to look you in the eyes again. You can see the sparkle in her eyes depleting as guilty thoughts race through her mind. You have always told her that you are content with her decisions in life, and that you could never be upset with her, but it’s visible in her whole existence that she has never been thrilled with herself. You feel scars that have yet to diminish as you feel up her forearms. She can only try to pull away, but you pull her to you and hug her tight. Tears stream down her face. She could never get away from you, much less let you go.


Glen 12 years ago

You're a good writer Ronnica.

Ronnica 12 years ago

Thanks, Glen =]