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Shork posted on July 17, 2011 at 8:57 AM

Did I show this to you?

It's been a long ass time since I've done anything here. I found this text file in my file manager though, it's a python program for simulating solar system formation from a random collection of particles representing a dust cloud. It was the first real program I wrote in python, which has since become my favorite way to write programs, though I never gave it enough effort to really learn (I can still write better games in game maker than I can in python) because I'm a chemistry student, not a computer student, and crap gets in the way. I was so inexperienced with python that I didn't even know how to define a function at the time, when I needed to do something more than once, I would copy and paste whole sections of code. The damn thing took 24 hours to run on my laptop, and the output was a series of numbers that had to be entered in a spreadsheet for data analysis, so animations were out of the question. I did it for an independent research physics course and took it the state academy of science meeting and got the best poster award in the undergraduate division. Now I am a grad student and my posters don't win awards.

For those few of you who remember, I also wrote an even earlier gravity simulator in game maker where you made a satellite orbit a planet. It was only slightly higher quality than most of my crap.

With the new layout and such I don't know If I'm breaking some rule about short blog posts or whatever, so I will try to fill some space. In fall 2009 I started a medicinal chemistry phd program. I am in the summer of my second year there and am in the middle of the predoctorate examinations, which I need to pass to continue in the program, I will pass, but it's still hard work. I got married a year ago too, so that's pretty cool.

Other than that my time is mostly wasted on minecraft. I have even written a couple programs for it, not mods, but programs. One takes a list of coordinates and places labels on an oblique angled cartograph, good for marking landmarks, but most servers have some google maps based program for that. I did it based on math from my isometric map engine, and you had to identify two points by their pixels in the cartograph to calibrate the map. Using the same math and calibration, I wrote another program for getting the minecraft coordinate from a pixel in the cartograph, so you could see something interesting and teleport there. I also made a program that makes a schematic that is supposed to be a 100 cube block of smoothstone surrounded by bedrock, and inside this bug cube are smaller cubes that could be empty, or have grass and trees, or lava, or buildings, and it was meant to be fun for SMP, but the small cubes are distorted and I can't figure out why, it's like someone just shoved the top half of the cubes over by a block or two.

I have referenced several things in the post, and I will try to link to as much as I can to provide proper context, lets see if I remember how to do that.

Solar System Simulation Satellite Orbit Mimicker

My god, it's been over 5 years since I joined. That's more than 20% of my lifespan,

Shork posted on August 21, 2010 at 5:52 AM

i'm still here?!

i haven't even logged on in well over a year and now I decide to look and my stuff is still here!

Wow. you guys must have a lot of free harddrive space.

I am in grad school now, doing a med chem program. I still occasionally do bad programming. I took a statistical thermodynamics class in the chemistry department and actually did some programming and simulation of a DNA molecule in water.

After getting bored I redownloaded game maker and messed with it some. I made a way to create semi-realistic road networks because I didn't want random crap or a constant grid, or have to make each one by hand. It works ok. Maybe I can improve speed some, it's fast, but the road peices are all objects that have to run a large series of if statements every step to determine what image_index to use, and the roads don't do anything yet, just sit there and look like roads.

Does anyone know if there are any other random road generation scripts out there?

Shork posted on July 01, 2009 at 9:18 PM

parsing a string to an array

I am writing a program in python for a genetics professor I had for class. It takes the coordinates of a gene on DNA, and draws an arrow showing the position and direction of the gene on the genome. I thought converting the numbers to an image would be the hard part because it needed scaling and wrapping from one line to the next, but I was wrong.

When I first wrote the program, I simply hardcoded the data used to draw the image. It worked well enough for me, but if I want to make it usable for others, I will need a GUI that takes the numbers from the user and formats it for the image. This is harder. I am trying to convert a string to an array. The string follows this format:
"1-2, 3-4
5-6, 7-8"

and the array should have this format: [[[1, 2], [3,4]], [[5, 6], [7, 8]]]

Of course the numbers could be any number. I have been trying to get this to work for weeks, and I can't get it to parse right. I haven't found any built-in functions for this sort of thing, and I have tried several techniques, such as using nested for loops that search for digits, commas, or hyphens, and tries to build a number and add it to an array, but it just does not work right...

Has anyone done anything similar, or have any suggestions for making it work?

Here is what the final output looks like, in case you're interested. Sorry about screen stretch...