Coloraze: Spectrum v0.85

Posted by Siert on July 9, 2008, 8:48 a.m.

Coloraze: Spectrum v0.85 is out and working!


fixed finish blocks not flashing

fixed when player falls directly on spike and doesn't die

fixed incorrect test code

fixed random black blocks at 0,0

fixed random picture taking

auto .ccl conversion

background behind menu is darker

room speed is changed to 45 (instead of 60)

returning blocks return faster when farther away

filters language

downloads list of uploaded levels

checks to see if uploadee name aleady exists

screen shots

upload function

download function

main menu

To Do List

online fastest times


level rating system

The only bug known so far is that every time you upload a level, you have to restart the whole game to upload another. Hopefully this isn't a huge drawback, and I this is my top priority to fix.

Also, I strongly recommend keeping Coloraze: Spectrum in its own folder and creating a shortcut to the program. The reason is that Coloraze: Spectrum downloads lots of files and this folder WILL become messy, fixing this is my second highest priority.

I uploaded all of the contest levels just for the heck of trying it out.

I might get rid of the level preview because of the issue of invisible blocks showing up and the fact that I'm the only one the upload part seems to work for.


Toadsanime 13 years ago

Awesome! I'll be sure to check this out/

I noticed you said you uploaded all the contest levels. Does thi mean you don't need me to judge anymore? That I can understand, due to my short absence recently… :/

Cesar 13 years ago

the site button doesn't work.

And love the download feature, it's epic win =D

Also, I've got to redo a part of the level since it's impossible due to the update. I'll resubmit

Cesar 13 years ago

nvm, it's possible, just much more difficult

Graydon 13 years ago

The update is awesome although there should be some sort of icon or something saying that you have completed the level so I don't have to remember off the top of my head whether I have or not.

Cesar 13 years ago

Uploaded a new one!

Just when you make the preview, make the invisible blocks truly invisible :P

Kenon 13 years ago

When you add Online Fastest Times, I know I will hold the record in Right Before Your Eyes.

Beat 12 seconds :P.

s 13 years ago

[quote=Fuck censorship]filters language

Also, you can fix the messy folder issue by never downloading the files permanently. Integrate play and download into one. Go through catalogue, pick level, load it into a swap file (Or have the game load it directly). Levels are small enough for it