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Posted by SixWinged on April 19, 2009, 8:42 a.m.

Hey guys, SixWinged here.

Holidays are drawing to a close, which means I'll have no free time again, so I figure I'll take this opportunity to write a blog while I still can. I'll try make it to 64D but I'll probably be much more inactive over the couple of months.

My holiday nights mainly consisted of movies and tv shows into the early hours. I got hooked on Dexter. It's an amazing show and I quickly made my way through all 3 season. Also watched every season of How I Met Your Mother and 3 seasons of Scrubs. And of course I kept up with the weekly episodes of Heroes and Lost.

As far as movies go I've been pretty disappointed, haven't seen a good movie since Watchmen. I saw The Uninvited, Knowing, The International and Monsters vs Aliens, each of them was far below my expectations.

Days mainly consisted of hanging out with my mates and having epic Rock Band sessions. I downloaded GH: Metallica, which was fun for the first few songs. Then I realized that I'm not a Metallica fan because every single song sounds identical…. The game itself is solid and the songs are all fun to play, notecharting is epic, I just grew bored of it quite quickly.

Speaking of music, my current shuffle list for the month consist of:

- In Flames

- Lamb of God

- As I Lay Dying

- Rise Against

- Escape the Fate

- War of Ages

- Sonic Syndicate.

I'm gonna brace for "Your music sucks" comments because I know they're bound to come, but hey, I enjoy this music and that's all that matters.

No new art this week, not entirely sure why, laziness on my part I suppose. Although I have started writing a few tutorials. Myself and a friend are starting our own tutorial site/blog-thingy. Temporary link at but I'll be buying a domain name soon. Comments and Criticism is appreciated.

EDIT: I tell a lie, turns out I have done some art this week. Album art for my friends band, unfinished but the concept's there.


Quietus 15 years, 1 month ago

You may be pleasantly surprised some time in the near or distant future.

Iluvfuz 15 years, 1 month ago

Beautiful picture, it has a lot of meaning from the viewer's point of view if the person is willing to look into it more.