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SkidRunner posted on January 06, 2017 at 8:11 PM

Creation of Duchess [Step by Step]

I have been working on a character a Java mascot if you will for a few months now and I am finally satisfied with my work. I drew up the character using AutoDesk SketchBook on my Galaxy Note 5. I was actually surprised how good SketchBook is, and I don't mind the small screen it's just like drawing in a normal pocket sketch book. I put some of the finished results on DeviantArt but I want to put all the images that lead to the final result somewhere so why not here.

This is the final result of the standard duchess character model sheet.
My rough draft was just to get the character shape I wanted. I was hoping to have a body type that was not as standard.
After the general shape I cleaned up all the lines and solidified the style of the character.
I was going for a costume that was a combination of Rogue, Starfire, and Raven, but the paladin flap in the front wasn't working for me.
This became the basic outline for my character it took me awhile to get here and a lot of different designs but I am going to stick with this one. finally shading...
And of course coloring I did the coloring in Gimp I made each color a layer which will allow me to make a lot of different variations without changing the overall feel of the character. Once I finish modeling the character in blender I plan on putting here out on Open game art.
If you are wondering drawing all those nice neat straight thick lines in SketchBook is just as painful as on paper...LOL

SkidRunner posted on January 05, 2017 at 4:21 PM

Sexy Duchess and Physics Game

Official jMonkeyEngine example game It's not much but I created a game that is now part of the official jMonkeyEngine source on github. it is the start of a simple physics ball rolling game. Hopefully it will inspire those new to the engine.

Duchess Also i have been doing some work on my Java mascot character Duches let me know what you think.
I have a better version of the model sheet i am working on with 4 different costumes and hair, jMonkey, Duke, Android and OpenJDK.
its a wip and she is now very different from where i started.
I still like this SD version so i might make a model sheet for it to before i start modeling in Blender.

SkidRunner posted on April 18, 2016 at 6:46 PM

Thinking too Much

Thinking too Much
I find myself thinking too much and never getting anything done. I have far too many ideas and if I don't find a way to focus on one then I am left with nothing. I want to make a speech recognition game, I never finished because of asset creation and story line. I want to make an artificial life simulation, I never finished because I didn't what to make or learn a physics engine. I want to make a rhythm based dodging game, I never finished because of asset creation and level generation.

In my speech recognition game you can click a button and say a command and the game will respond. In my artificial life simulation there is a genetic algorithm and neural networks but the environment relies on simple collisions. In my rhythm game I have collision, dodging, and even a onset detection algorithm that works with 8-bit and 16-bit ogg and wav format audio files.

When I look at these three projects I am stumped why I don't finish I tacked some verry large hurdles. The tasks left are verry small in comparison I even started drawing if you remember to see if I could get myself to create those assets. Nothing ever came from it the projects are still collecting dust.

So to solve this issue here is my plan. I need to start at the top with the speech recognition game and create a story line.

So I need to learn how to write a story. I found that my issue is probably that I try to writhe the final draft the first time. It's kind of a bummer to me because I already know this when it come to drawing I bet that is my issue with creating game assets too.

Another issue is I make excuses for myself like I don't have enough time. I know as soon as I say it there was time there it might not have been all a row but there has to be a way I could have captured those minutes and used them constructively.

Another one is that I constantly rewrite my code every project I start over from the beginning instead of cleaning up the code I have. All this said I will probably make the same mistakes again but at least I have this out there somewhere where I can reference it.