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Small Cows posted on May 18, 2015 at 12:55 AM

fall children low

riff raff: i was taking a splash down by the bay!

buster beat my back by the umbrella fella. we took turns tickling tiny tinsel teeth but buster's tickling begot a dumb-dumb-and-dumber type of divine. i used to yell for no reason but now i reason the yelling away:

i reason the yelling away when i say HEY! what a wonderful kind of DAY! when you can learn to work and PLAY! and get along with your parasite :(


Small Cows posted on December 10, 2012 at 5:42 AM

follow children

first you gimme piece then you gimme shelter in my shitstained banana taskforce gorilla. did i ever call you by your name or were you just my insane airplane in the spaceways making spaceface on my trace of trays? oh yeeeeeah that was you on the prick dick slurping creme clean off that white bite brightly starlight in the don't you laugh't mister! mister master, faster fister, fister, fister, fist her, fist her. she said there was no place like home but then I showed her the inside of my nose, I don't think she controls her remote anymore har har har. did i mention i squeeze elephants? their bulimic tinderwillicking is a flopshop of horror, but you know i didn't decide who to decode if i was fucking that fuckhole with my diabolic faster further longer father figure role model in my grape flavored orange juice. don't laugh if you yourself aren't the farthest thing you've ever thrown. listen:

i don't dictate the dictators,
but the taters do dick me.
it's my favorite kind of rhyme
because it's razz-bare-ree

so when you're sloppin your pop shop through your urethratic phallic pal remember to remodel your fellow follow and keep your drips on the tip of your pit, put it in the pick of you stick lick and trick it to get sick rickshaw gerrymander philanderer

oh but before i forget and the point of all this

Small Cows posted on December 12, 2011 at 5:09 AM

Children follow

brokers stock brokers bring the stoked to the grouped up homey call it home fries bring me another less than that call it crap call it yesterday all the way bring it all the way home on the little piggy sipping dire pity in the firehouse criminal calling telephones freight trains on the shore things flipping pancakes under christmas trees with a silver shoe on your gold crowned tooth little puss in boots make it sensible make it laughable and laudable bring the pot a bowl set the crop in holes love it if you want to bowl and bring the sister to her mother make her hug her younger brother eat it if you want to try but don't buy what you can't describe and don't listen to the tunes that they blew that they screwed through you past your tongue tied autumn eyes in the shire flies give it a system a binary system a binary opposition a dichotomy a lobotomy not quite the same as LSD or DMT or GHB or PCP or LCD or VH1 VHS put it in the player click the button yes accept click ok make me pay pay it forward pay it back PayPall all slack all for shaq all for introspective space attacks on the back of your coal sack give me jimmies make me sprinkle give it a squeeze if you want to hear my sneeze lift ten fingers if you want to be a cheerleader and follow all your dreams as long as they can't see you as long as you feel breed can greed the seed for free on a please on a freeze dried cocksucked fucked bucked mother send another package of a grapeseed fishoiled fried taped and skillet pressed tangerine orangina fellow eater friend you should eat her you should seed her you should wake up in nine months and be prepared to scream at her or don't or do but just make sure that that glass of milk you set out on the counter doesn't make a sound when it falls down the playground slide and lands in the black hole that spits it out in a teacup teacher singing praises to her boss the loan ranger granger hermione granger why won't you go out with me?