Super secret blog <-< #1

Posted by SteveKB on Sept. 28, 2008, 2:29 p.m.

Say hello to my first Development blog which will be done just about any time I've done a lot of work :D

Stuff that was already done

-simple AI buddy


-writing polygon normals

-button that turns off polygon creating

Things I will do next for the map editor

-Z value-done

-Z checking-done

-mouse Z recognition-done

-smarter AI buddy

-first step collision check writing


-info boxes(movable)

pic(old version)

pic(new version)

Development process

1.Tried to implement new method of polygon mouse z creation-didn't make better so known method reused.

2.I've checked to see if the written models are compatible with the game and it turns out i made a mistake which I hadn't checked which made me waste a ton of time…fixed

3.Culling is working correctly for written models

4.Fixed inverted normals

5.Done for today

pics of actual game so far…without lighting(this is a sample model I drew in the editor, it only took about 5 seconds)

and then with a bit of lighting…not very different yet.

OK I'll be adding more and hopefully it won't be for a single day.