Meow44's day in a nutshell

Posted by SteveKB on Oct. 20, 2008, 3:32 p.m.

I really shouldn't be writing a blog right now, with all the homework I need to do :p but I really want to so here it goes.

6:25 AM-Phone alarm goes off. I don't hear it.

6:30 AM-Secondary phone alarm goes off. I hear it, check the time on my phone and go to sleep half way.

6:35 AM-Primary alarm goes off. I wake up but stay in bed with my eyes open knowing that if I close my eyes for more than a few seconds I'll fall asleep again and miss the bus.

6:36 AM-I get up, put on some clothes, brush my teeth and go to the restroom.

6:45 AM-I make sure school bag is ready to go.

6:50 AM-Start having lots of breakfast.

7:05 AM-Starts panicking and hoping that I'll finish my cheerios in time to drink my glass of milk.

7:12 AM-Phone warning alarm sounds, If I'm not done with breakfast I just have as much as possible before it's time to go.

7:14 AM-I realize that my bus will arrive in a few seconds so I head on out.

7:15 AM-Wait for bus for a few seconds.

7:16 AM-Get pillow out of book bag and create an on the go bed against my bag and the bus wall. Then I sleep.

7:45 AM-I wake up when the bus gets closer to the school(I'm sleeping consciously)

7:50 AM-School bell rings

7:53 AM-I'm in Spanish class doing work or sleeping.

8:05 AM-School bell rings

8:15 AM-School bell rings boring class starts :[

5:00 PM 10:40 AM-Spanish ends. school bell rings. Time to go to either AP world history or literature(this class alternates)

11:25 AM-Time for lunch. I run to the lunch line and for each person in front of you practically means that 1-3 people will appear D: unless I cut some more people.

11:50 AM-Numnumnum that tasted good. watch around with idiotic yet amusing table people.

12:05 PM-Time for chemistry I destroy this class >:D I have women all around me and they all like my assistance >:{D

1:40 PM-Time for algebra II I love this class because the teachers like fuck the book it's a dumb ass, and teaches in his own way, he can add and subtract really quickly let's say 1056-798……..he got it by now.

3:00 PM-Time to leave school. so I wait for my bus to get here (the bus is always the last to arrive to the school)

3:15 PM-I'm on the bus thinking about various things.

3:30 PM-I get home If my parents aren't here I'll I read some manga!

1:00 AM 4:30 PM I'm finished pleasuring myself.(with entertainment? computer comes in handy I lurv the internets)

well anyways I should be starting my homework and sometimes I do or sometimes I'm on the internet occasionally writing blogs like this one or I'm moderatoring and admining some sites I like to visit. Then I check for news at's the feed, and

10:00 PM-Oh shit! I haven't done any homework; is what happens sometimes(trying to stop this, it's getting better)

11:30 PM-Have shower every other day.

12:00 AM-I go to sleep after making sure I'm not screwed for tomorrow with work and that my phone alarm is on and is charging and before I do that I read manga of course!

If I'm really screwed over with homework it would go like this

3:00 AM-FINALLY I'm done! <D then I calculate the amount of sleep I'll get which in this case would be 3 hours and 35 minutes.

lulululululs so that is usually my day. I'm still trying to find the perfect game to create and so far that would be platform adventure shooter [Metroid anyone?] That I think is the easiest to do and still maintain the influence throughout production.

Also I'm nearing 1000 hits at so please take a screen shot of that click here!

My halloween entry will need to be trimmed in order to come out on it's dead line but no worries it will kick ass, I mean listen to it's final boss music here

Oh yes I need to thank Nighthawk for the idea of this fad…which I kinda forced oh well!


PY 15 years, 9 months ago

Metroid is not easy to emulate.

Juju 15 years, 9 months ago

Did you really need to slip in that you tossed off?

SteveKB 15 years, 9 months ago

what? reading manga?