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Revenons à nos Moutons

by UnionJack

Posted on January 05, 2019 at 2:44 PM


Really wish I could change my username to something a little more relevant than a name I came up with when I was about thirteen, haha.

It's been quite a bit, but I'm always finding myself back here when the gamedev bug bites. I was whipping through my uploaded files to see if I had an old collada mesh I wanted to use for a project. Nope, not here. Might be on my old, defunct machine, as long as the hard drive is in tact, I might be able to recover it. At the time, I didn't have any repos for it, and I never threw it up here, or onto Google Drive :(. I was just hoping there would be a copy of it somewhere online, before resorting to a storage-ectomy and putting it on life support to preserve the vitals (read: using a docking system).

This has been part of a larger task I've been putting off for a few months. I didn't back anything up on that hard drive, and there's quite a bit of creative juice in there. If I can get to it, I'll have all my old working files. I have a strong feeling the motherboard is fried, and I have my fingers crossed that the hard drive is not.

Reading the old blogs, looks like I haven't posted in about six years. Every time I revisit this page after a long stretch, I feel like I'm revisiting a time capsule, and cringing over old posts haha. Like I've said previously, I've got stuff on here from the days of Win98. Currently learning Löve2D and Entity Component Systems as a method of code organisation. Hopefully will have good news on both learning, and data recovery.