The One Other Scary Game I've Worked On

Posted by Zac1790 on Oct. 26, 2011, 11:01 a.m.

When we first started off in S4D I was thinking I'd never tried making a scary game before but more recently I remembered that I did work on a really big one that took place last new year's eve. But it wasn't a game- it was an ARG! :P (Alternate-Reality Game)

It wasn't totally scary, but zombies and darkness tend to have that effect on a lot of people. The most intense section was a game I designed for a small, linear, 3-room building. 2 teams of players find themselves in the center room with a timer and lots of stuff to barricade the doors. Then both teams work together to keep the zombies out until the timer goes off and an airstrike takes care of the zombies.

I spent the 2 days previous to the event setting up an 18-minute soundtrack that begins with an air-raid siren and then plays metal until the last moment where an airstrike occurs (the woofers made the building shake as it plays a crazy explosion and jet sound). But the reason it took so long to set up was I had to sync it to the time on an old Win 98 which has a hard drive that makes noise like it's going to die at any moment. And that meant using GM5 or 6, to use the CD playing functions to choose certain tracks on a disc I burned. Back then GM would freeze if you tried to load an 18 minute mp3.. (or at least, the dll I was using).

But yeah, there's no video of that :(

We also had a maze:

The Nasty Gross Maze Before Grossness

In the actual game we had combination locks and the code's 4 digits were hidden throughout the maze. It was by far the nastiest thing I've smelled though. The night of the event we added anchovies, tomato sauce, maybe some wendy's barbecue sauce, and pig intestines. That maze was rank. Good thing the carpet was about to be replaced :P

And we had a boss battle planned for the team with the most points. The other 7 teams watched from the balconies as the winners run in to face… the leader of the zombies.

Boss Battle

The funny thing is that the team that won was also under kind of loose leadership so they actually ran around in the dark thinking they were in the final stage before it even began. We'll definitely have to work on preventing both the cause and the situation that allowed that as we work on this year's Freakfest.

Creds to my brother for all three videos - he was the mad scientist in the end of the boss battle. And only the first one was official (just so ya know).