First Unity Game via 64D Spring Competition

Posted by Zac1790 on April 1, 2014, 12:19 p.m.

I thought, y'know, might as well use that trial code.

First off, I've never made a game with Unity, but I have completed tutorials and played with it before to the point that I feel capable of making something simple. Not that I even know how to make menus yet. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN MENUS. Or badges. But I'd like to figure both out eventually so I guess I'm not as badbooteh as that dude.

So first off, as I start my new project, it asks me what asset packages I'd like to use. Well, I'd like all of them. That would be nice. But since we're supposed to create our own content I picked these ones:

-Tree Creator

-Water(basic) -y'know, for after the comp when the license runs out :(


-Sample Assets (beta) - contains character controllers, thought that would be useful… to be able to walk, I plan on using the mocap and mecanim animations as well, but with my own model that I'll probably make out of blocks later this week because I'm a supernewb in Blender

Does this seem fair? They're all basically engine components in Unity (as advertised, a tree creator and mecanim…) except the water. The water is content. (I'm trying to make my own textures as well for the terrain if I can, there may be default textures in the tree creator too)

I'm planning on doing a good bit of modelling in Blender this month to make most of the content but as you can see Unity does technically provide some and I seriously don't know if I could make the water from scratch (if I did… it would be based off their water anyway). I just want to know if it's okay to start with these things in the competition; it's still no game, just the things you normally start off with in Unity.

Also I may need whatever advantage these provide as I'm working on another company's game to be released next week so I don't expect much to get done this week. And I just got a new job scooping ice cream at possibly one of the best locations of franchise ice cream shops in the country :D yum. But yeah that takes away some more time.

Other Side-Rabbit-Trail

Has anyone seen Google's glorious challenge on this fine April 1rst?

I've caught 18 so far.


Acid 10 years, 1 month ago

Nice! I couldn't get Pokemon to work on my Google Maps. :(