Lur has been updated!

Posted by Zuurix on Nov. 25, 2014, 10:49 p.m.

With this update I added new items into monster drops. I noticed that people loves to use ranged weapons, so lava demons now drop new heat bows, wild beasts - sniper crossbows and glass elementals - glass bows. Also I wanted to make new melee weapons with cool spells, so people would want to use melee more. Earth elementals, swamp spiders and vile worms now drop rusty axe head. Combine rusty axe head with wooden stock and you'll get rusty axe. Heat blade has been added to wild beast, lava demon and worker orb drops. About worker orbs - now they drop fur pieces and all three heat weapons. Fur pieces can be used to craft fur armour. Entity also got new drops - sniper crossbow, clay chaps, amethyst tiara and scale hood. Sylphs finally has drops - sylph cloak and sylph feather. Along with drop improvements, there's new monster - caller beast. It can spawn while fighting wild beasts, gore golems and obsidian hounds. Caller beasts drop glowing axes, caller cuirasses and augmentation pillars. I've noticed that players don't travel much, so I now portal village merchant sells world map, that shows true size of the Lur and helps to locate bosses and areas. Another new item, healing root, can be bought from Wexa Dear. Healing root is consumable that cures poison.

There's also many smaller changes made to the game:

Now you have 10 life at the beginning.

Swamp spiders now drop items more frequently.

Dune warriors now drop dune chards more frequently.

Healing spells now work instantly.

It is now easier to encounter augmented minions.

Titan now drops augmented remains.

Glass sword and knife now has better stats and spells.

Ice staff and cold pillar now has better stats and spells.

Glass sword no longer requires 1 magic attribute level to equip.

Wooden bow now has more accuracy.

Heat staff now has more range and accuracy.

Frozen crossbow now has more agility.

Few new items added to chests.

Repair spell now costs 9 energy instead of 15.

Interrupt spell now has 20% chance to interrupt instead of 10%.

Tear spell now removes 25-50 armour instead of 1-100.

Tear spell now stuns for 20 seconds instead of 7.

Defend spell effect should now be displayed correctly.

Impale spell now spawns energy splat at correct height.

Concentrate spell can no longer be activated if your power is below 1.

Crush spell message spam fixed.

Leech spell sound changed.

Defend and rise shields spells should now work properly.

Spell tooltips updated to show duration of applied effects.

Some spell icons changed to look better.

Updated dart and cold dart projectile graphic.

It is now visible that shadow hood boost power.

Heavy hauberk is now less common drop.

Monsters now play heal sound effect when they heal.

Shadow boss now enrages when his life drops below 10%.

You can no longer lose consumables if you try to consume them whilst dying.

You can no longer gather more resources by spam clicking.

Berserk, dark magic and distort spells no longer can be exploited to deal absurd amounts of damage.

Game no longer crashes when using link bolt spell.

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Ferret 8 years, 10 months ago

Hey this sounds awesome, bow was my favorite so I'll be sure to download and play this again after my finals are over :)