Light of the Locked World: A new game by Zuurix

Posted by Zuurix on Nov. 24, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

I have started working on a new game!

It's called Light of the Locked World.

It's a fantasy RPG with local co-op and PvP, set in a world of Caios II.

Three hundred years from the game's present, magical artifacts were sunken in the world's only sea.

Magic leaking from artifacts and pressure of the depth created perfect conditions for abyst crystals to grow.

Abysts amplify magic and are very valuable.

After abysts were discovered, miners and all kinds of opportunists have rushed to Caios II.

Abysts have a dangerous property - if there is a large quantity of them in one place, they cause anomaly called the Glow - abysts start glowing and all sentient beings close to them permanently lose sanity.

This and the fact that abysts can be used to create very powerful weapons forced the Council of Lords to send contraptions known as worldlocks to Caios II.

Worldlocks disrupt teleportation spells, making it impossible to enter or leave Caios II, keeping the abysts isolated from the rest of the worlds.

Three hundred years from all that player characters arrive at Caios II.

It's a wild, vivid world, full of dangers, ravaged by wars, and tainted by occurrences of the Glow.

The game will not have a main story quest chain, instead, it will have several independent chains. Complete all quests to win the game.

You won't have to read much - there won't be many dialogues.

The meat of the game will be exploration and combat.

Combat will be real-time and position based: The way you attack will be based on what tile you will stand on.

There will be three types of tiles: The ones next to solid objects will be called "Limited", the ones next to enemies - "Melee", and the ones that are neither - "Open".

You will be expected to move between different tiles and use abilities to deal with constantly changing situations, all while dodging enemy attacks.

Weapons will determine which abilities you will have.

You'll get weapons and other equipment by completing quests, from enemy drops, trading, crafting, and exploring.

You will be able to fully equip your character and equipment will change your appearance.

There will be several cities in the game - in them you will get most quests, craft, buy, and sell items, but the rest of the game will take place outside cities, in uncivilized, poorly mapped lands.

In them, you will find enemy encounters, loot, secrets, and many other things.

Your character will start with nothing, it will be bad at everything, but it will learn and become strong.

Doing activities will make you better at them, and will increase the level of roles.

For example, fighting with magic will increase the level of Mage role, and crafting items will increase the level of Materialist role.

The current plan is to have 9 roles: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Survivor, Materialist, Gatherer, Alchemist, Explorer, and Merchant.

You will be able to invite a friend to play with you, against you, or anything in between.

No content will be exclusive to co-op, it will be possible to fully complete the game playing solo.

I want to complete this game in a year, but it might require more time, as it is quite ambitious.

So that's pretty much it.

Keep in mind that this is my current vision of the game - things will probably change.

More things will become clear when an alpha demo will be available, which should happen in early 2019.

As for Sector Six, I won't abandon it, but as I will be focusing on Light of the Locked World, the updates will become less frequent and smaller.

Still, I'll keep fixing glitches and adding new content. The next Sector Six update is planned for early December.

Anyway, I'll be tweeting about Light of the Locked World regularly on Twitter, and posting entries to its development blog on my website.

That's primary places to keep in touch with the game's development.

You can also join my Discord server.

Invite link >>

I hope all of this sound good, until next time!


Jani_Nykanen 4 years, 2 months ago

I guess you also posted this on Steam? When I try to go your website, it says I'm leaving Steam.

The other option is that Steam (EDIT: Ehm, Valve) has bought 64Digits. Which could be possible, sure.

Zuurix 4 years, 2 months ago


Jani_Nykanen 4 years, 2 months ago

I know what that oops means!

"Oops I forgot that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone Valve bought 64Digits"