abacus posted on April 05, 2009 at 5:17 PM

Downtime Birthday

Yeah, so I had my birthday on the 21st. I'm 15. Wasn't too bad, I went to UConn for the Northeast Science Quizbowl competition, and when I got home I hung out with my friend Molly, who is one crazy bitch =P.

On Sunday, I went to the shooting range, shot a Glock 19, which is my favorite handgun, so that was fun.

The next weekend I had a breakdancing performance, which was stressful >_>

This coming weekend I am going to an Indian New Year dance, which should be fun (by fun, I mean I'm going to get laid).

Oh, and during the downtime, I went to my first really wild party, you know, the type with booze, drugs, and sex? Yeah.

abacus posted on November 09, 2008 at 7:42 PM

VLC issues

The faggery daggery doo site.
^^ Who the hell put this here? It wasn't me.

I've been having problems with VLC player- the new version sucks compared the version I used to have. First of all, it has weird interface which I don't like, and second it crashes CONSTANTLY. Does anyone know where to get the old VLC, the one with the plain, simple interface? I absolutely HATE the new interface, and when watching movies it crashes every 5 minutes.

abacus posted on October 30, 2008 at 9:49 PM


So, yeah. History homework, breeakdancing class and friends. The three things that keep me from completing my zombie game. I only knew about it on sunday (hadn't checked the site for a month) and so I started work then. Been working on it little by little every day, but yesterday, I didn't work on it very much, and today, I thought I could get a lot done, but I got a lot of homework in World History, and then I have breakdancing class at 1830, which lasts until 2100, which is when I hit the bunk (I have to wake up at 0500, so it's your required 8 hours)

Sooooo.... No Zombiz for you. Sorry. I should have checked up on this site earlier, but I had to re-install XP and so all my bookmarks got erased and I was too lazy to put them back.