Posted by anthonyloprimo on April 24, 2013, 2:43 a.m.

So you've found yourself in that strange, empty city intersection once again. You've been here before, and well… you've done just about everything you've normally been doing… appearing here, moving forward and then waking up. Sometimes it seems the dream ends sooner than normal, and other times, it seems you almost make it into the city, yet suddenly headlights rush at you, waking you up right before the supposed impact.

And yet it's not nerve wracking. BEHIND you is what creeps you out. Whatever is to the right of this intersection creeps you out. But to the left and forward? It seems familiar. Or at least, far less dangerous. And then, after many, many times of moving forward, you decide to mix things up - and you turn left. You continue going, not stopping, not hesitating. You think you hear noises, or even a scream… and you move faster. You think there's footsteps behind you, but you don't stop - you start running. Those distant lights? They start to reflect off you. Suddenly the fog seems to start clearing from in front of you. Have you reached the edge? It seems so… the faint shape of some odd building is in the distance in front of you, and you notice - and even feel - grass. You've somehow stopped running along a road, and instead have been running through a grassy meadow. Behind you, it seems there's a city skyline of some kind - from that city area you were before, but something seems… off about it. You're not quite sure, and you can't figure it out. You look back to this new odd building shortly after though, and continue onward. The grass gets a bit greener - still dark, but color fully fades in.

You eventually reach this odd building. It seems familiar - safe - comforting. It's your… house? Apartment? You don't know, but you feel at 'home' here. You feel safe. Yet at the same time you feel uneasy. An familiar unfamiliarity? An uneasiness that surrounds that all-too familiar feeling of safety? You aren't sure, but you move closer.

The dark shape never changes - the walls of the house are pitch black - but it seems the walls are ridged - as if it were a porch - a nice outdoor section for people to step out of this building. You can't see any windows, doors, or other distinguishable features, except for a neon blue light running around the edges of these ridges. You wander around the perimeter of the house, and details seem to come in - it's not some shadow building - just a really dark one, and you notice that it's faintly tiled. Some parts have metallic bars running along the wall vertically. Some subtle white effects, nearly concealed by the shadow. As you make it around the building, you realize that there IS light! And as if it were a hotel of some kind, you approach an open lobby of sorts - you aren't sure just what it is…

It's like an indoor pool and recreation area, with a TV, couch and even a fridge and a bar - it's brightly lit, with bright tans, pretty blue water for the pool and bright white lights - contrasting nicely to the rest of the dark colored building. It's not closed in by windows - a pilar on the corner of the building maintain a support, but otherwise it seems like one of those hotels with an open lobby - the only doors are those that lead to the rest of the inside of the house.

You look around and you see something - your family! At least those you consider family, those you grew up with. Alive or dead - they're relaxing, looking at you and your confused, bewildered state. "What's up! C'mon, relax!" they'd say, waving you over. They seem to be acknowledging you, however after a moment, they seem to just be doing the same things over and over again - not reacting differently as you walk away - not asking why you're not paying attention to them, or why you just outright turned away. They just stop trying to get your attention. Okay, so that seems odd. Suddenly someone comes up the side of the house. A threat? A robber? No. It's someone you know. A good friend perhaps. Or an imaginary friend from your childhood, even if you never really imagined them as one. Maybe you're an adult that is long past imaginary friends, but they still are visible - and seem to know you. And they chat with a moment like you've been old friends. They talk, and so do you - yet you can't say anything. You're quiet, but some thing is being said as you two converse, walking along the side of the house. You come to an odd area just outside the brightly lit area. "C'mon, wanna see something I found?" she/he might ask. You get scared, as if you're breaking into someone else's house… but wasn't this yours? Suddenly you can freely act and speak on your own again. You might question your friend. You might hesitate. You might jump in with full eagerness.

It turns out to be a strange hole that you never saw before when walking along the sides of the house. You glance in, and it seems impossible to get into, but you both are confident you'll fit. You could be the fattest person ever, or a toothpick - the hole will always seem slightly smaller than you. You might have a moment of hopelessness but your friend will remind you to just give it a shot! You struggle to enter, and eventually slip in. You turn around, and the hole is suddenly replaced with a door - that friend looks in, almost as if they were nervous or worried. They say to go on, that they'll find another way in - and you're OK with this, even if only moments before, you were sneaking into what seemed to be a basement, rather than the ground floor. They run off, and even if you wait ten minutes, they're gone. If you look outside, it's still night - a dim, deep blue seeps in through the window. Oddly enough, no light actually illuminates the room for the most part. It's pitch black, like the fog from that city intersection. You take a step into the room, and you suddenly get a chill down your spine.

You glance around. Nothing to be afraid of. You seem like a kid, hearing noises in the night, trying to convince yourself that there's no such thing as monsters. You walk forward, and suddenly you notice light from an open doorway across from you. It's the same bright light from before. Safety. Or so you think. You dash for the light - or perhaps you cautiously approach it instead. No matter what, once you're a few feet from the door, a shadowed figure enters, standing there. You're frozen in fear, two white dots for eyes being the only noticeable feature of this… thing, and suddenly… you wake up.


mr8bit 11 years, 2 months ago

and suddenly… you wake up.

You should never, never, never end a story like this.

anthonyloprimo 11 years, 1 month ago

@mr8bit I couldn't figure out a better way to end it and well… this is quite literally how this particular dream plays out for me. D:

Definitely gonna try my best to avoid such a stupidly blunt ending for the next "Dream Land" Posts.