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Posted by anthonyloprimo on Jan. 27, 2015, 5:58 a.m.

Not even fully sure why I'm writing this. I guess there's some mild therapy in writing about stuff on a site where people who are more or less strangers promptly read this. Dunno. I might delete it soon, might not.

I'm also bored since I passed out at 9PM and woke up at 3 AM, and can't sleep since then. Also semi-snowed in. And semi sick. Not going into work today; not worth it.

So… yeah. snow. They claim it's the worst for us in recorded history. I say I've heard it before but yeah, lots of snow. Enough that I'm not going in. As for work, I've gone from a cashier, to a tech, back to a customer service person, only providing technical support. The hours were more flexible, hence why I opted to move away from being a tech. It's not bad and there's more money for me in what I do now. Not a whole lot, but it's stuff. I'm trying to get games made to sell on the side, as well as commissions.

Speaking of which, I keep moving between art, music and game dev stuff. Can't sit still, and sometimes I lack drive for one but then the other. At times I get few things done, and it really sucks when I'm doing this on my own, but whatever. Music has been one of my least productive fronts lately, actually. Most stuff just sounds the same. Started doing a couple of tracks for another game concept but it's mostly just noise to me.

As for my games, I've put a hold on a few things. A few projects are just stagnating. Even the simple ideas just seem difficult, and my lack of skill drawing character sprites end up discouraging me - some abilities I prefer having a sprite to use for reference, so it ends up becoming difficult using random placeholder sprites. Bleh. On the other hand, I decided to try to take a lax approach to this new game project. I'm gonna kinda just piece stuff together. See what becomes nice and add it in, and once I've got something started, I'll post about it, maybe.

As for my art, I've been in a bit more of a mindset to do it. I've drawn quite a bit, some stuff I could post when I get it available to do so.

Meh. I'll stop rambling for now. Until next time!


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